Episode 1 Kid Christmas/A Made Man
S 1 E 1

Kid Christmas/A Made Man

Aired on Jun 09, 2018

Part 1 tells of the childhood and youth of John Gotti Junior. While growing up in Howard Beach, New York, and as a student at New York Military Academy® John learns of, and we follow the story of his father’s meteoric rise to power in the world of organized crime. Years later, after graduating, instead of going on to pursue a career in the military, at his father’s urging John Junior takes a year off. That’s when his troubles begin and he gets in a barroom brawl. John’s father “punishes” him by forcing him to spend his days hanging out at the Bergin Hunt and Fish Social Club, his father’s mob headquarters. By the time John is in his twenties, he is asked and chooses to become a made member of the Gambino Crime Family.

Episode 3 Fathers and Sons/Sins of the Father
S 1 E 3

Fathers and Sons/Sins of the Father

Aired on Jun 10, 2018

In Part 2, the FBI is focused on taking down Gotti and the Gambino Crime family, as well as the bosses of all five New York mafia clans. When Gotti’s underboss, Sammy Gravano agrees to testify for the government, Gotti Senior is convicted and sentenced to life in prison. John Junior becomes the acting boss of the crime family. With this transition of power, John Junior quickly becomes the prime target of the FBI. John Junior, having resolved to quit the life of organized crime, pleads guilty to racketeering, serves over seven years in prison, and must still withstand four federal trials all ending in mistrials before he is set free to pursue his life as a “civilian,” a husband to his wife, father to his five children, and a law abiding citizen who honors his vow to quit the mob.

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