Fasten Your Seatbelt

New Series July 21 10/9c
Episode 4 #103
S 1 E 4


Aired on Jul 28, 2021

A doctor is wounded and dragged off of a domestic flight. Women strip down on camera at a security checkpoint. A SWAT team locks down a New York airport for a security sweep. Plus, travelers try boarding with some risque items.

Episode 3 #104
S 1 E 3


Aired on Jul 28, 2021

A belligerent passenger is tased on the plane and it still doesn’t stop his rampage. A violent altercation knocks out a flight attendant’s tooth. Passengers look out their windows and see a man on the wing of their plane. And a person in a jetpack has been buzzing around planes above Los Angeles.

Episode 2 #101
S 1 E 2


Aired on Jul 21, 2021

When wearing a mask becomes a point of contention for some travelers, things get out of control on-board planes. It’s absolute mayhem when one man decides to drive his car through an airport terminal. Pilots make emergency landings on U.S. highways.

Episode 1 #102
S 1 E 1


Aired on Jul 21, 2021

In the Atlanta airport terminal, an intoxicated traveler goes off the rails and then straight off a balcony. A ticket holder gets furious at a gate agent when her family vacation gets disrupted. A captain leaves the cockpit to take down a passenger and protect his flight attendant.

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