Duck Dynasty

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Duck Dynasty

S 5 E 2

Willie's Number Two

Jan 15, 2014 | 21m 15s | tv-pg | CC

When Willie is looking to hire a new assistant, Korie insists he interview her cousin, JD. Willie is hesitant at first, but immediately hits it off with JD, who truly appreciates Willie’s sense of humor; now, JD just has to win over the Duck Call room guys, who are wary of having another Willie in the office. Meanwhile, when Uncle Si spends the day over at Phil and Kay’s, Jep stops by with the kids to keep them away from Jessica, who has taken ill. To entertain the kids, Si takes them outside for a treasure hunt on Phil and Kay’s land. But, in typical Si fashion, the treasure hunt has some interesting twists and turns, leading them to the ultimate treasure–fun!

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