Korie Robertson

Ask Korie: A Twitter Interview with Korie Robertson

Korie answers your burning questions about Si's tea cup, Kay's goats, and Willie's most random camouflage items.

Do you consider yourself a redneck?

No, I lean towards yuppie more than redneck!

What year did Willie start growing his beard?

I haven't seen his face in at least 9 years!

What first attracted you to Willie?

Those dimples!

How's Sadie's driving coming?

Just signed her up for lessons today!

What's your favorite part about filming the show?


Why can't you cook?

Willie's good at cooking and I'm good at other things!

How long did you date Willie before you got married?

Known each other since 3rd grade, liked each other off and on but only dated less than a year before we got married!

Is Si really that attached to his tea glass?

I've never seen him without it!

I guess the true question is then is the tea sweet or unsweet?

All the Robertsons drink UNsweet tea...including Si!

What is the most random item Willie has in camo colors?

ALL of his underwear is camo! No lie!

Is Si really that silly with his sayings?

Yes, you never know what's coming out of his mouth. And he NEVER stops talking.

Since the first book was so amazing, are there any plans for a second book?

Well we'll never run out of stories!

Robertsons are all about family, and I'm about to get married. What's the secret to a good, lasting relationship?

Laugh together, put your relationship first, and forgive freely.

Where's your side of the family? Will they ever be on the show?

They live right next door...we'll see!

What's the Robertson's family holiday?

Christmas: Ms. Kay loves to do gag gifts from her dogs!

Who is more sarcastic: Willie or Jase?

Sarcastic? Jase. Absolutely. Totally!

During duck season, do any of the guys work or make calls? Or is it HUNT-EAT-SLEEP then repeat?

Only if they have to!

What happened to Kay's goats?!

They found a home at Jimmy Red's right up the road!

Where is the other Robertson brother? Will we ever get to see/meet him?

Oldest brother Alan has retired from preaching and is working for Duck Commander now!

What's Willie's most annoying habit?

He leaves all the cabinet doors and drawers open when he cooks!

Were your kids surprised about any of the stuff they read in your book?

Nah, we've been telling those family stories for years!

What's one of Willie's biggest accidents?

Willie's always been accident prone. He wrecked my brother's go-kart in junior high trying to drive it thru a fence.

Best word to describe the Robertsons?