Craig Perra from Digital Addiction on A&E

Craig Perra

Craig Perra, a former sex, porn, digital, and drug addict himself, is world renowned for transforming the lives of people struggling with digital addictions.

His sex and porn addiction brought him to his knees over a decade ago when he was fired, for the second time, and almost lost his family because of his addictions.

Craig’s rock bottom gave birth to a powerful transformation as he created an alternative to 12 Steps for people who either needed more structure and support and a different, science-based, non-religious system.

This model, The Mindful Habit® System, is now taught to therapists and counselors all over the world. For the past decade, Craig has personally changed the lives of over 1,000 clients from over 27 countries.

He has made his mark as a top coach for professionals, executives, and leaders from all walks of life. His treatment programs for men struggling with sex and porn addiction are universally recognized as world class – over 400 clients have rated his program “Excellent” on public review site TrustPilot. His digital addiction program is growing fast and changing the way people are reclaiming their digital lives.

Craig has been featured on The Katie Couric Show, Good Day Sacramento, The Steve Harvey Show. A&E’s Digital Addiction (from the Emmy Award winning producers of Intervention) and Lifetime TV.

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