Amanda Marino from Digital Addiction on A&E

Amanda Marino


Amanda Marino is a certified Recovery and Life Coach, certified Intervention Professional and holds a Bachelor of Science in Alternative Medicine. She works extensively with individuals who are hurting from low self-esteem, addiction, and mental and emotional barriers. She is the Co-Founder of Next Level Recovery Associates.

In the past, she has dealt with her own struggles with Substance Use Disorders, abuse, and body dysmorphia. Amanda now has dedicated her life to guiding individuals’ growth and believes that empowerment is not just about surviving your past traumas, but rebuilding your life to one of happiness, purpose and fulfillment. It’s Amanda’s passion to see that you reach your full potential in having the life you always dreamed of.

Amanda is a proud member of the Association of Intervention Specialists (AIS) and is a featured expert on A&E’s newest hit show, “Digital Addiction.”