Season 1 (6)

4 Seasons | 35 Episodes, 35 Unlocked

Episode 1 Up Syndrome
S 1 E 1

Up Syndrome

Aired on Dec 08, 2015

Seven young adults with Down syndrome meet at a local recreation center and realize they have more in common than expected. Cameras follow this dynamic group of friends as they pursue their passions and lifelong dreams, explore friendships, romantic relationships and work, all while defying society’s expectations.

Episode 2 What's Normal?
S 1 E 2

What's Normal?

Aired on Dec 15, 2015

An altercation between Rachel and Elena leads the cast to voice their concerns about Elena’s behavior. Feeling left out, Elena seeks to be included among the friends. Cristina’s longtime boyfriend, Angel, wants to take things to the next level, forcing her parents to consider that their daughter is maturing beyond their expectations. Sean explores ways to become more independent as his parents prepare for an impending move.

Episode 3 Dream Makers
S 1 E 3

Dream Makers

Aired on Dec 22, 2015

Rachel, ever unlucky in love, prepares for a first date with a crush from drama class. After Megan reveals her desire to have a baby, her mother and “Dream Maker,” Kris, must find a way to explain that it’s one dream she may need to reconsider. And for John, “it’s a rap!” as he heads into the studio to record his debut track, and plans for the future of his music career.

Episode 4 Love and Chromosomes
S 1 E 4

Love and Chromosomes

Aired on Dec 29, 2015

Sean’s search for love tests his friendships. While attending a Down syndrome convention in Phoenix, he hopes for his luck to change. Megan starts doing her homework, intending to make her LA trip permanent. An emotional lecture has the parents planning for their children’s welfare after they’re gone.

Episode 5 Fears and Gears
S 1 E 5

Fears and Gears

Aired on Jan 05, 2016

Rachel’s fears have always held her family back from attending big events, but a special invitation from her favorite singer, Adam Lambert, may inspire her to overcome them. Kris faces the reality of Megan’s desire to be independent and wonders if Megan is ready to be on her own. Steven looks to gain new freedom by learning to ride a bike and John tries out a new job.

Episode 6 Don't Limit Me
S 1 E 6

Don't Limit Me

Aired on Jan 12, 2016

Elena continues to struggle with accepting herself, as Megan tries to inspire her to recognize her abilities. Cristina’s boyfriend, Angel, plans to express his love with a very special surprise. And as the summer comes to an end, Megan has to say goodbye to her new friends.

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