Biography: Comedy Icons

Biography: Comedy Icons

S 1 E 3

Jeff Foxworthy: Stand Up Guy

May 28, 2019 | 42m 57s | tv-pg | CC

Jeff Foxworthy became one of comedy’s biggest success stories by subverting Southern stereotypes and giving self-proclaimed “rednecks” permission to laugh at themselves. His brand of relatable humor has made him a household name, yet his personal life and story remains obscured from those outside his inner circle. “Jeff Foxworthy: Stand Up Guy” will bring Foxworthy together with his close friends of more than 30 years – fellow comedians Kathleen Madigan, Ron White and Larry the Cable Guy – for an informal conversation about his life and how his family, friends and faith helped him get to where he is today. The one hour special will feature rarely seen photos and videos from Foxworthy’s personal archive and additional interviews with his manager Larry Burns and Jay Leno.

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