Episode 1 A Hero's Tail
S 1 E 1

A Hero's Tail

Aired on Jul 06, 2021

A cat named Tara rescues a young boy from a vicious dog attack. Plus, K9 Chief puts his life on the line pursuing an armed suspect. And a German Shepherd named Sadie comes to her owner’s aid during a medical emergency.

Episode 2 Creature Crusaders
S 1 E 2

Creature Crusaders

Aired on Jul 06, 2021

A man falls from the Golden Gate Bridge and is rescued by a sea lion. Plus, a German Shepherd named Buddy leads an Alaska State Trooper to a house fire. And a pair of terriers chase a bear after it finds its way inside a Pasadena, CA home.

Episode 3 Pets to the Rescue
S 1 E 3

Pets to the Rescue

Aired on Jul 13, 2021

A Great Dane fights off an intruder during a home invasion, a pet bird named Dylan saves its owners from a nearly fatal house fire, a Border Collie rescues a Chihuahua from an oncoming car, and a bomb-sniffing military K-9 named Lucca is nearly blown up trying to protect U.S. soldiers.

Episode 4 A Sticky Situation
S 1 E 4

A Sticky Situation

Aired on Jul 13, 2021

A teenager and her four dogs fight off a bear trying to get into the family’s yard. Also, a pair of Dobermans thwart an armed robbery, and a hunter nearly drowns in mud before being saved by his Chocolate Lab, Otis.

Episode 5 Teacher's Pet
S 1 E 5

Teacher's Pet

Aired on Jul 20, 2021

A Maltese thwarts a home invasion, a pair of dogs rescue a teacher after she’s robbed during a Zoom class in her home, and a cat named “Fluffy” helps her owner call 911 during a medical emergency.

Episode 6 A Purr-fect Rescue
S 1 E 6

A Purr-fect Rescue

Aired on Jul 20, 2021

A pit bull tries to save a hiker from a nearly fatal bear attack, a cat named Bob wakes up a sleeping family moments before they’re poisoned by deadly car fumes, and a dog named Tuxx helps rescue a teen after he’s nearly buried alive.

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