60 Days In

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Season 6 (7)

6 Seasons | 75 Episodes, 69 Unlocked

Episode 7 Stabbed
S 6 E 7


Aired on Feb 13, 2020

As Alex reaches a turning point, Ashley and Jennifer turn on Shanese while a competition develops between Dennis and another participant.

Episode 6 Squat and Cough
S 6 E 6

Squat and Cough

Aired on Feb 06, 2020

Following the events of Mother’s Day, Ashley, Shanese and Jennifer struggle against demons of all kinds, while the men are challenged by new cellmates.

Episode 5 Mother's Day Mayhem
S 6 E 5

Mother's Day Mayhem

Aired on Jan 30, 2020

On Mother’s Day, the women in the female pod are blindsided by a returning officer, while a new participant enters the men’s pod in an attempt to save the program.

Episode 4 Program In Peril
S 6 E 4

Program In Peril

Aired on Jan 23, 2020

With multiple participants already tapped out and another breaking all the rules, the program at the Etowah County Detention Center is at risk of failure, forcing Sheriff Horton and Chief Peek to take drastic measures.

Episode 3 Fresh Meat
S 6 E 3

Fresh Meat

Aired on Jan 16, 2020

As the last two participants enter the Etowah County Detention Center, many of the others struggle to remain in the program.

Episode 2 Full Frontal
S 6 E 2

Full Frontal

Aired on Jan 09, 2020

With five participants already embedded in the jail, one of them drops out as others give the distress signal, leaving the Sheriff and his team wondering if completing the 60 Days In program is even possible at this facility.

Episode 1 Should Have Stayed A Fan
S 6 E 1

Should Have Stayed A Fan

Aired on Jan 02, 2020

When newly-elected Sheriff Jonathan W. Horton takes office and finds his jail in dire need of reform, he enlists the help of seven innocent civilians to go undercover as inmates to uncover intel on the issues that plague the facility in order to clean up the Etowah County Detention Center.

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