Season 5 (8)

10 Seasons | 95 Episodes

Episode 1 Directing Drama
S 5 E 1

Directing Drama

Aired on Mar 09, 2016

When Johnny Drama looks to take his music career to the next level, Mark suggests Drama make a music video that Mark himself will direct. The music video will be Drama’s Wahlburgers Rap Jingle and shot down in New Orleans where Mark is filming his latest movie. Mark enlists music mogul Sean “P Diddy” Combs and movie director Peter Berg to help mentor Drama. But filming hits a rough patch when Drama is not comfortable with the alter ego “Drama Boy” that Mark creates for him.

Episode 2 Family & Faith
S 5 E 2

Family & Faith

Aired on Mar 16, 2016

Mark flies to Philadelphia to host The Festival of Families to honor Pope Francis where Mark performs the emcee gig of a lifetime. Meanwhile, Alma, Paul and Bob attend the annual Wahlberg family reunion where Brandon gets his first chance to join in the family poker game.

Episode 3 Brooklyn Bound Burgers
S 5 E 3

Brooklyn Bound Burgers

Aired on Mar 16, 2016

Donnie promises to bring Wahlburgers to his Blue Bloods co-star Marisa Ramirez and the rest of the cast and crew. Unfortunately, Mark sent Paul to Costa Rica for a much needed vacation. Alma employs Brandon to help Donnie save face in front of his Blue Bloods family while Paul’s family tries to help him learn how to relax.

Episode 4 Bahston Gahden Pahtay
S 5 E 4

Bahston Gahden Pahtay

Aired on Mar 23, 2016

Whenever New Kids on the Block perform in their hometown of Boston, it is a family event. Donnie surprises Alma and the rest of the NKOTB parents with a party bus for the concert. Meanwhile, Mark has Paul fly out to Los Angeles for a last minute business to meet a billionaire investor looking to open up Wahlburgers throughout the Middle East.

Episode 5 Wahl Always Have Paris
S 5 E 5

Wahl Always Have Paris

Aired on Mar 23, 2016

On a movie promotional tour in France, Mark invites Paul to Paris so the two of them can do some sightseeing as well as be together for Mark’s birthday dinner. Of course, Mark also wants Paul to cook for him and his French-speaking actor friend Said to prove that Paul is as good as any French chef.

Episode 6 Nurse Alma
S 5 E 6

Nurse Alma

Aired on Mar 30, 2016

Mark, always the prankster, finally gets a dose of his own medicine when he plays golf against Masters Champion and PGA bad boy Bubba Watson. Meanwhile, Alma, Bob and Brandon visit the former hospital where Alma use to work as a nurse and where all the Wahlberg boys were born.

Episode 7 Hamburgers and Horsepower
S 5 E 7

Hamburgers and Horsepower

Aired on Mar 30, 2016

Dale Earnhardt Jr invites Mark out for a NASCAR race in New Hampshire. Mark has Paul and Bob deliver Wahlburgers to top NASCAR drivers, Greg Biffle and Ricky Stenhouse Jr. Meanwhile, Brandon flies out to Chicago to visit Donnie and get a singing lesson to help get Brandon’s entertainment career on track.

Episode 8 The Fenway Way Back
S 5 E 8

The Fenway Way Back

Aired on Apr 06, 2016

With the grand opening of the Fenway Wahlburgers location, new investor Bob challenges the local Boston rival “Tasty Burger” to a game of softball at Fenway Park. All the Wahlberg brothers show up and do battle on the legendary diamond of the Boston Red Sox. Alma volunteers to manage the team, but ultra-competitive Mark decides to run things instead. Will Donnie show up to the game on time and help Team Wahlburgers win?

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