The First 48

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The First 48

S 8 E 10

Out of Sight / Missing Piece

Mar 19, 2009 | 45m 15s | tv-14 v,l | CC

In Minneapolis, after a night out with friends, a college student is stabbed to death while getting on his scooter to ride home. During a canvass of the crime scene, lead investigator Sgt. John Holthusen is confronted with the neighborhood’s escalating violence when he catches a man being attacked. Holthusen must determine if the assailant is also the killer. And in Miami, Detectives Rick Martinez and Emiliano Tamayo investigate the murder of a teenaged boy shot in a residential backyard. The case takes a dramatic turn, when detectives learn about a dispute between the victim and two of his teenaged friends. Detectives need find out if the friends are innocent or if they committed the ultimate act of betrayal.

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