The First 48

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The First 48

S 3 E 12

Close Ties / Last Call

Feb 09, 2006 | 43m 51s | tv-14 v,l | CC

When Phoenix Detective Alex Femenia is called to a scene where three young people are found dead in their home, it is his job to cull through the evidence and determine what happened at this bloody scene. As night falls, the detective waits for the Medical Examiner to arrive to determine if this is the scene of a triple murder or a murder suicide. In Memphis, TN Sergeant Tony Mullins and Lead Investigator Sgt. Caroline Mason get their first call of the week. A woman calls 911 to report a dead body laying on the front lawn of a home. When the detectives arrive on the scene the mother of the victim is there and gives them a clue, she tells them the last time she saw her son alive, he was with his girlfriend. With the clock ticking it is now up to the Sergeants to locate the girlfriend and find out exactly what she knows.

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