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  • SEASON 1 6 episodes available
  • SEASON 2 44 episodes available
  • SEASON 3 28 episodes available

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S 3 E 1

Raiders of the Lost Arkana

Aired on Aug 27, 2013
The regulars encounter eager local bidders in the border city of Texarkana; Vic wins a unit with action figures; Jenny looks for diamonds in the rough; Ricky and Bubba find an unforgettable antique.
S 3 E 2

Take a Deep Breath, It's Lesa!

Aired on Aug 27, 2013
The auction action takes place in the Houston suburb of Conroe, Texas, where the buyers are met by an old adversary. Mary and Moe feel the squeeze while Ricky and Bubba see if they can cash in on paranoia. Victor gets a helping hand while Jenny finds she may have picked the wrong time to dally far from Dallas. Whether or not they have heart, brains, and courage, the buyers find that there's no place like home.
S 3 E 3

British Invasion

Aired on Sep 03, 2013

In the city of DeSoto, Texas, the big-money buyers are on the lookout for antiques. Ricky and Bubba are menaced by a new face from across the pond. Mary gets a lift from Jenny en route to a potential wind-aided victory. Newcomer David finds out how the sausage gets made. With most of the buyers out of their comfort zones, DeSoto promises them each a crash course in self-sufficiency.

S 3 E 4

Swinging With the Jenemy

Aired on Sep 03, 2013
The buyers return to Dallas; Jenny seeks industrial material for a custom job; Mary ignores the law to land a dream locker; Ricky and Bubba discover cash in the wind.
S 3 E 5


Aired on Sep 10, 2013
Ricky and Bubba take on a flea-market king in the city of Garland; Jenny and Mary discover an armory; Vic returns with a new protege.
S 3 E 6

It's Always Sonny in Texas

Aired on Sep 10, 2013
A local auctioneer stirs up things when the buyers return to Fort Worth; Jenny and Mary disagree on the value of their purchases; Victor's protege stands to lose the most.
S 3 E 7

Stowe-Age Wars

Aired on Sep 17, 2013

The auction returns to the town of Mesquite, and so does Ricky and Bubba’s nemesis Kenny Stowe. The Rangers go chasing after vengeance, and their aim is true on a find that brings out a hidden talent. Jenny and Mary discover a Cold War relic while struggling Victor looks for bargains. More than one strategy could win big, but with Kenny around, Mesquite has the makings of a shootout.

S 3 E 8

Built for Pleasure Not Speed

Aired on Oct 01, 2013
The buyers look for deals in the city of Longview; Lesa and Jerry battle Jenny and Mary; Rudy seeks a strange weapon; Ricky and Bubba score more than they can handle.
S 3 E 9

Winners of the Centuries

Aired on Oct 22, 2013
Englishman David Kay joins the auction action in Fort Worth; Victor uncovers spy gear; Ricky and Bubba try to land something large and dangerous.
S 3 E 10

Take That Beethoven!

Aired on Oct 22, 2013

The auction action goes down in Dallas, where Lesa and Jerry return to play havoc with Mary and Jenny, and Ricky and Bubba seek revenge against Cowboy Matt Blevins. One find leads to a horse trainer, another to an art gallery, while one team’s difference of opinion over the fate of a musical instrument ends up with everything in a shambles. In the big city, where big money means enormous risk, some folks will break the bank, and others will break up for good.

S 3 E 11

Yo! Mary Raps

Aired on Oct 29, 2013

The buyers return to the Dallas suburb of Carrollton, where they find shocking surprises are in store. Ricky and Bubba will never be the same after a discovery directs them to a den of deviance. Kenny returns confident, but discovers it’s not like riding a bike. Mary taps into a side of her personality that we’ve never seen and has a roaring crowd on their feet. As our buyers know, the suburbs often hold dark secrets, and while some leave triumphant, others are happy just to leave quickly.

S 3 E 12

Hands Off the Embroidery

Aired on Oct 29, 2013
Cowboy Matt stirs up trouble in Fort Worth; Mary hopes to take flight with a purchase; Jenny's discovery leads to a photo opportunity; Matt puts his hand where it doesn't belong.
S 3 E 13

Cardboard Couture

Aired on Nov 05, 2013
Ricky and Bubba face off against Kenny and other locals in the eastern Texas city of Tyler; Jenny uncovers a holy grail of the music world; one buyer loses money before the auction starts.
S 3 E 14

Spurs of the Moment

Aired on Nov 05, 2013
The bidders look for big deals in the small town of Ponder; Jenny acts like a ballerina while Mary works the crowd; Ricky and Bubba are provoked by Cowboy Matt Blevins.
S 3 E 15

Pirates of Pantego

Aired on Nov 12, 2013
The small town of Pantego hosts the auction, and a battle of the sexes, when Cowboy Matt Blevins goes over the top and gets under the skin of the female buyers. He battles Mary for a gearhead reclamation project, but Jenny blows the whistle. Bubba deals with a gut-wrenching decision as he and Ricky end up in a flurry of action. While a small pond like Pantego is no place to make enemies, some risky buyers find it's just the spot for a huge catch.
S 3 E 16

Float Like a Bubbafly

Aired on Nov 12, 2013
Big crowds attend a Dallas event; Jenny is involved in a war of the sexes; Bubba and Kenny Stowe trade blows in an auction battle for the ages.
S 3 E 17

Excuse Me, I Think You're Stupid

Aired on Nov 19, 2013
The bidders return to Fort Worth, where Ricky and Bubba score a collection of rockets; Cowboy Matt and East Texas Kenny fight over furniture; Matt finds an antique map.
S 3 E 18

Grounded & Pounded

Aired on Nov 19, 2013

Mary intends to get a step up on the competition when the buyers visit a storage auction in Plano, Texas. Ricky, flying solo, goes home with a pretty little doll, while Jenny the Dazzler gets devious and a locker of MMA equipment puts Kenny in a compromising position. While the auctions have shown in the past that winning storage lockers is often a mental game, Plano proves to be a place where the big can beat the clever.

S 3 E 19

Hell's Half Acre

Aired on Dec 03, 2013
Bubba battles East Texas Kenny and Cowboy Matt as the auction action returns to Fort Worth; a belligerent bidder becomes the event's biggest loser.
S 3 E 20

Fear the Short Fat Man

Aired on Dec 03, 2013
The bidders journey to the Dallas suburb of Waxahachie; Ricky and Bubba score some green; Mary's scandalous find could earn her a huge profit; Marry gets a buzz from a hand-powered machine.
S 3 E 21

Pow! It's a Surprise!

Aired on Dec 10, 2013
The bidders return to the city of DeSoto; Jenny seeks out raw materials; Kenny and Matt fight over industrial tools; Mary's find leads her to the state's oldest Italian restaurant.
S 3 E 22

Welcome to the World of Sonny Monday

Aired on Dec 10, 2013
The buyers return to Waxahachie, where Vic and his prot g Sonny Monday discover an item that leads them to Dallas Stars co-captain Jamie Benn. Ricky and Bubba take a boat to Houston, and Mary and Jenny try to work over the new guy before Jenny is touched by something angelic. Even small town discoveries, our buyers find, can lead to distant and dazzling destinations--they just have to beat a few determined locals first.
S 3 E 23

Everything's Coming Up Sonny!

Aired on Dec 17, 2013
The buyers visit the city of Mesquite on one of the hottest days of the year; Vic's protege takes a hit; Mary's discovery leads her to a llama farm.
S 3 E 24

When Vic Comes to Shove

Aired on Dec 17, 2013
The buyers brawl in the city of Henderson; Vic and Sonny receive a shot in the arm; Jenny arrives on four wheels.
S 3 E 25

Waltz Across Texas

Aired on Dec 24, 2013
Bubba works solo in the city of Longview; Mary attempts to balance her energy flow; Jenny vows to go big or go home; Kenny gets an unexpected dance partner.
S 3 E 26

Puffy the Auction Slayer

Aired on Dec 24, 2013
The bidders seek treasures in the upscale hamlet of Haslet; Ricky's mother, Puffy, clashes with Lesa; Jenny and Mary take gambles; Ricky ventures where men fear to tread.
S 3 E 27

For the Benefit of Mr. Charles

Aired on Jan 07, 2014
Jenny employs a new strategy when the buyers arrive in the city of Longview; Matt Blevins tries scare tactics; Mary's old friend keeps the bidders guessing.
S 3 E 28

Moe's Def

Aired on Jan 07, 2014
Moe returns to Fort Worth to make his annual purchase; Mary takes on her former mentor; Ricky and Bubba get devious; Jenny seeks out store stock.

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