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 1 Flight of the GrumbleBee
S 2 E 1

Flight of the GrumbleBee

Aired on Aug 15, 2012

The buyers journey to the resort and spa town of Mineral Wells. “Rangers” Ricky and Bubba face off with Victor for a luxury household locker. New buyer Jenny Grumbles tries to exterminate two pests: a swarm of termites and a lovesick buyer. “The Outsider” takes some old wood to an old friend. And a classic lighter sparks up a fortune. With a massive payout at stake, the buyers will have to learn that big things often come in small packages.

 2 Mary Had a Little Blom
S 2 E 2

Mary Had a Little Blom

Aired on Aug 15, 2012

The buyers travel to the transportation hub of Irving, TX. Dr. Moe’s prot g e, Mary Padian, returns — giving refurbisher, Jenny Grumbles, a run for her money. Ricky Smith learns a valuable lesson in human anatomy. Victor Rjesnjansky buys a secret agent’s locker. And Bubba Smith is forced to find a buyer for some explicit art. Dr. Moe once said, “Mary’s imagination really blows my socks off!” As the buyers are about to discover — her mind is far stranger than expected.

 4 Hate to Burst Your Bubba
S 2 E 4

Hate to Burst Your Bubba

Aired on Aug 22, 2012

Auctions take place in Lake Highlands, Texas–a wealthy suburb of Dallas. Victor Rjesnjansky snakes his way into Bubba’s mind–turning him against Ricky. Jenny Grumbles scours the lockers, while working for a very picky client. Mary Padian bids against her former mentor. And Dr. Moe Prigoff returns to the auction–finding an item that blows up in his face. From repurposed to refurbished–the buyers will have to hustle to pump up their profits.

 5 No Stash, Moe's Stache
S 2 E 5

No Stash, Moe's Stache

Aired on Aug 29, 2012

Carrollton, Texas hosts the auction. Moe and Mary debate their team name. Victor Rjesnjansky tries to blend in with some camouflage hunting gear. Jenny Grumbles wages war with Mary Padian for a unit with some glass blowing items. And Ricky and Bubba visit in old friend for a lesson in drugs. With the buyers acting crazy, who will be able to turn their storage stash into cold, hard cash?

 6 Out of Af-Ricky
S 2 E 6

Out of Af-Ricky

Aired on Aug 29, 2012

The buyers venture to Cedar Hill, Texas–home of the rich and fabulous Dr. Moe Prigoff. Jenny Grumbles tries to toast Victor for a locker filled with chotskies. Bubba journeys alone to the heart of storage darkness. Mary tries to keep Moe from losing his mind and buying a locker filled with BBQ sauce. And Victor brings his truck to sweep the competition. From civil war prosthetics to voodoo statues–one buyer will curse his locker and one locker will curse its buyer.

 7 Bubbapocalypse Now
S 2 E 7

Bubbapocalypse Now

Aired on Sep 05, 2012
In Arlington, Texas tensions reach critical mass. Fed up with Victor's head games, Bubba vows to run the price up on his "Outsider" nemesis. Jenny Grumbles finds an item with some stimulating properties. Mary and Moe try their hand at having a strategy...for once. And Ricky Smith finds a collectable coin that may save the world from the Mayan Apocalypse. With collectable dolls and ancient artifacts at stake, who will feel enraptured and who be swallowed up in the rapture?
 8 Night of the Pondering Dead
S 2 E 8

Night of the Pondering Dead

Aired on Sep 12, 2012
Ricky and Bubba buy some objects for cattle; Jenny tries to get antique furniture; Victor appraises motorcycle gear; Moe and Mary find an object that may have been built by Benjamin Franklin.
 9 Jenny Bears All
S 2 E 9

Jenny Bears All

Aired on Sep 19, 2012

The buyers ride out to the cowboy town of Mesquite, Texas. Mary Padian tries to impress Dr. Moe with a sleak, refurbished pool table. Jenny Grumbles uncovers a hot and steely garden item. Ricky and Bubba duke it out for a unit with some antique equestrian gear, while Victor Rjesnjansky attempts to snatch up his piece of the pie. But when Jenny suffers a blow to the head, her dreams of storage glory go up in smoke.

 10 Aust-in-Translation
S 2 E 10


Aired on Oct 10, 2012
Moe and Mary fight for an antique unit worth thousands; Jenny learns about rock 'n' roll; Ricky and Bubba take out the tourist competition.
 11 Piñatas and Ta-tas
S 2 E 11

Piñatas and Ta-tas

Aired on Oct 17, 2012

The Doc and the Junkster get desperate on the final day in Austin; Moe and Mary bid on a locker full of pinatas; Jenny seeks furniture, but obtains a new set of wheels instead.

 12 Rhymes with Witch
S 2 E 12

Rhymes with Witch

Aired on Oct 24, 2012

On the hottest day of summer, the buyers return to the wealthy suburb of Lake Highlands, Texas. Victor Rjesnjansky gets burned by a mistake, but a surprise find leads him to the floor of the Dallas Mavericks’ basketball arena. Bubba finds a book that might magically transport him to another realm. Moe Prigoff, Mary Padian, and Jenny Grumbles lock horns with a pair from Storage Wars Texas past. As the temperature rises, the competition has never been hotter, and at least one buyer leaves wanting revenge.

 13 A Jenny for Your Thoughts
S 2 E 13

A Jenny for Your Thoughts

Aired on Nov 07, 2012
Jenny uses her feminine wiles to get an edge up on her mostly male competitors; Ricky and Bubba set a record; Mary has second thoughts on a locker find that Moe feels is worthless.
 14 Vic in the Head
S 2 E 14

Vic in the Head

Aired on Aug 22, 2012

The buyers head to Tyler, Texas–a country town with a thriving art scene. Ricky tries to remove the “Vic fungus” that s invaded Bubba s head. Jenny Grumbles finds a rare insect display. Victor Rjesnjansky brawls for a unit with an antique train set. And Moe Prigoff reveals a dark secret in hopes of getting Mary s help. While one team enlists Grand Slam Champion Anne Smith to make heads of their tennis heads, another goes to an old friend to make sure their sculptural bust is not a bust.

 14 I'd Do Anything for Lesa (but I Won't Do That)
S 2 E 14

I'd Do Anything for Lesa (but I Won't Do That)

Aired on Nov 07, 2012
In the town of DeSoto, Victor scores a find and rushes to the fire department; Jenny obtains some old furniture; tension between the women boils over.
 15 Mary Defeats Auction
S 2 E 15

Mary Defeats Auction

Aired on Dec 02, 2012
Moe and Mary uncover a rare piece of history during a stop in the city of Garland; Jenny becomes influenced by a popular book series; a buyer arrives loaded with cash.
 16 Tank Girl
S 2 E 16

Tank Girl

Aired on Dec 02, 2012
The bidders hunt for treasure in the Dallas suburb of Addison; Jenny discovers a piece of Hollywood; Mary makes a fateful purchase; two buyers haggle over an item.
 17 Mary's New Hoopty Ride
S 2 E 17

Mary's New Hoopty Ride

Aired on Dec 11, 2012
In the Dallas community of Oak Cliff, Jenny and Mary fight over a locker containing old electronics; Ricky and Bubba's curio contains a hidden surprise; belief in magic allows one team to take flight.
 18 Breaking Bubba
S 2 E 18

Breaking Bubba

Aired on Dec 18, 2012
The bidders arrive in Arlington, Texas; Ricky and Bubba go the races; Vic eyes a unit with nefarious undertones; Moe operates at less than full strength.

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