Millions know uShip from Shipping Wars, but not everyone knows the Austin-based shipping marketplace has been making it faster, easier, and cheaper to transport big items since 2004. We're not just talking the crazy, unruly shipments featured on the show. We're talking cars, boats, motorcycles, households, freight, equipment, pets, and more.


As legend has it, uShip was born in the back of an empty rented moving van. The year was 2001. Matt Chasen and his then-fiance were moving from Seattle to Austin. The 9-foot truck they ordered was sold out, leaving them with a 20-footer--twice the size they needed.

Over 2,500 miles in a half-empty truck, Matt thought back a year earlier when he tried to ship a family heirloom armoire but was unsuccessful due to outrageous cost.


From those combined experiences, lightning struck.

"Is there a business opportunity to match empty truck space with people's big items that need shipping?" he thought.

Turns out, there was. In 2004, three years after the move to Austin, uShip.com was launched.

Today, it has more than 600,000 transporters standing by to help, has facilitated over $500 million in sales for transporters, and sees a new shipment listing every 30 seconds.

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