Fun Facts About the Transporters on Shipping Wars

Fun Facts About the Shippers

Believe it or not, the transporters have lives outside of shipping! Check out these little-known tidbits about the shippers' interests, past careers, and what they like to do in their downtime.

1.     Marc used to be a semi-pro hockey player and a diving instructor, among many other jobs.

2.     When she's not on the road, you can find Jessica in a mosh pit. She loves all kinds of rock music: classic rock, hardcore, even soft rock.

3.     Tamera loves to roller skate (she can jump stairs!) and has played on a roller derby team.

4.     Jenn's grandfather used to own radio stations.

5.     Dusty's family is involved in rodeo: his sister is a barrel racer and his brother rides broncos.

6.     Jarrett sells Christmas trees with his family in the winter.

7.     Jessica loves to pull pranks on her dad.

8.     Tamera enjoys keeping weird and exotic pets and plants. She's had giant African millipedes, Madagascar hissing cockroaches, chameleons, various lizards, and various "man eating" plants.

9.     Although he thinks it may surprise some fans, Jarrett says he has "done some really smart things in his life — it just doesn't look that way." He has a degree in agricultural business from NC State.

10.   Whenever Marc has free time, he enjoys riding motorcycles, bicycling, bird hunting, and fishing.

11.   Jessica loves truck stops that offer seconds. She says she loves to eat and doesn't diet.

12.   Todd and Tamera run a "clean comedy" club in their garage — where Todd often performs — and when they are home they often have people over for shows. Todd is currently shooting an independent Christian film about his comedy garage.

13.   Dusty likes to scuba dive and play poker and paintball during his off time.

14.   Jenn lives off of energy drinks and candy while on the road.