Secrets of Polygamy

"Secrets of Polygamy" delves into the worlds of extreme polygamist groups.

About the Show

“Secrets of Polygamy” delves into the worlds of extreme polygamist groups and explores how the power held by Prophet Warren Jeffs, who is currently serving a life sentence for his crimes committed as Prophet, and other high-profile polygamists such as Sam Bateman, have shaped communities where claims of abuse, incest and fraud have become common.

Investigator Matt Browning, retired law enforcement, meets with former members who have escaped to hear shocking allegations of mental and physical abuse suffered by polygamist women and children.

The series features in-depth interviews with experts and access to insiders including Warren Jeffs’ daughter, Rachel Jeffs Blackmore, who shares her first-hand account of life with her father; one of Jeffs’ former wives, Alyshia Blackmore; former members Mary Ann Kingston, Lu Ann Cooper and Faith Bistline; investigators Shelly Livingstone and Terry Jacklin and others.

Additionally, never-before-seen photos from Alyshia and Warren’s wedding and audio from Jeffs’ and Bateman’s teachings help shine a light on these groups and their teachings and offer a definitive look at polygamy in America.

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