Secrets of Miss America

Delves into the long-kept secrets of America's oldest beauty pageant.

About the Show

“Secrets of Miss America” delves into the long-kept secrets of America’s oldest beauty pageant, exposing the shocking scandals at its core. A cultural event once viewed by 80 million people a year, the pageant now struggles to stay relevant to a new generation of Americans whose views on beauty and sexual politics have changed drastically over the past few decades.

The limited series analyzes whistleblower-leaked emails in 2017 exposing misogyny within the Board of Directors, claims of racism in the pageant’s history, the topic of mental health surrounding the competition and the banning of the controversial swimsuit competition.

Told by pageant insiders—including more than 20 former Miss Americas telling their stories in one documentary for the first time—whistleblowers, contemporary contestants, executives and critics, viewers get a glimpse at the cost of wearing the crown and sash and how pageant culture perpetuated racism, bullying, body shaming, and much more.

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