Season 5 (14)

5 Seasons | 57 Episodes, 43 Unlocked

Episode 12 Drama Calls
S 5 E 12

Drama Calls

Aired on Jun 17, 2021

The team faces a slew of dramatic night shift calls including a pregnant woman who was assaulted, a four-year-old boy with abdominal pain, a gunshot victim, and a potentially devastating car accident involving the St. Charles trolley.

Episode 11 Keep Calm and Carry On
S 5 E 11

Keep Calm and Carry On

Aired on Jun 10, 2021

An EMT first responder juggles the joy of family with the pressures of the night shift, which includes a gunshot victim, a motorcyclist hit by a car, a man in custody, and a Vietnam veteran with a grisly finger injury.

Episode 10 The Big Not-So-Easy
S 5 E 10

The Big Not-So-Easy

Aired on Jun 03, 2021

The EMT team must band together to treat multiple major vehicle accidents, patients losing consciousness and facing breathing and heart ailments, and a woman who has been assaulted by her significant other.

Episode 9 Cold Hands, Warm Hearts
S 5 E 9

Cold Hands, Warm Hearts

Aired on May 27, 2021

New Orleans first responders battle freezing temperatures as they treat a driver trapped after a serious car accident, a man hit by a streetcar, a delirious patient who doesn’t want to part with his dog, and a woman with a surprisingly poignant backstory.

Episode 8 Heart and Soul
S 5 E 8

Heart and Soul

Aired on May 20, 2021

An EMS captain juggles the challenges and rewards of being a wife and mother of twins with the never-ending drama of the job, as the night shift includes a bloody car accident, a major apartment fire, and multiple victims struggling to breathe.

Episode 7 The Fire Within
S 5 E 7

The Fire Within

Aired on May 13, 2021

First responders bring a combination of professionalism and passion for the job as they encounter a gunshot victim, a drug overdose, a reported strangulation, a seizure and a house party threatening to spin out of control.

Episode 6 Circle of Life
S 5 E 6

Circle of Life

Aired on May 06, 2021

Family matters take center stage as one EMT technician prepares for the birth of his child, two others prepare for an emergency delivery, and a host of challenges include an injured driver and his trapped dog, a domestic violence victim, and a young boy plagued by seizures.

Episode 99 City of Saints
S 5 E 99

City of Saints

Aired on Apr 29, 2021

In this one-hour special, “Nightwatch” veterans Titus and Holly take a trip down memory lane to highlight some of the most memorable moments from past seasons that showcase the New Orleans medics in action.

Episode 5 Heartbeat of the City
S 5 E 5

Heartbeat of the City

Aired on Apr 22, 2021

EMS first responders keep their cool and maintain their spirits as they face a series of challenges across New Orleans, including a shooting and stabbing victim and a woman whose slot machine experience takes a bizarre turn.

Episode 4 A Light in the Darkness
S 5 E 4

A Light in the Darkness

Aired on Apr 15, 2021

With Covid-19 raging across the city, the New Orleans EMS responders face an unfolding series of crises that include a vehicle rollover from a police pursuit, a victim with close-range gunshot wounds, and a heart-wrenching race to save a woman in respiratory distress.

Episode 3 The Great Unknown
S 5 E 3

The Great Unknown

Aired on Apr 08, 2021

The unexpected reigns in the city of New Orleans as EMS responders answer calls about a child shooting, a multiple-vehicle car accident, a reported suicide attempt, and a veteran struggling with a drug overdose. It is a night shift where things are not always what they seem.

Episode 2 Night Lessons
S 5 E 2

Night Lessons

Aired on Apr 01, 2021

EMS responders face an unpredictable night of crises including a violent facial attack, a high school football injury, and a heroin addict’s emotional vow to get clean.

Episode 1 Answering the Call
S 5 E 1

Answering the Call

Aired on Mar 25, 2021

Emergency medical responders on the New Orleans night shift race to save victims of a drive-by shooting and a serious car accident, all against the backdrop of the continuing pandemic.

Episode 0 Return to the Big Easy
S 5 E 0

Return to the Big Easy

Aired on Mar 18, 2021

In this one-hour special, “Nightwatch” veterans Titus and Holly take a trip down memory lane to highlight some of the most memorable moments from past seasons that showcase the New Orleans medics in action. Fans will also be introduced to the new faces that will be featured in the show’s highly anticipated return.

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