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Season 1 (19)

2 Seasons | 34 Episodes, 19 Unlocked

Episode 19 The Demon Inside
S 1 E 19

The Demon Inside

A prolific serial killer’s confession in the murder of a young woman turns out to be a hoax but decades later a more likely suspect is ready to talk, under one condition.

Episode 18 Victim or Accomplice?
S 1 E 18

Victim or Accomplice?

Aired on Dec 29, 2022

Authorities question a woman who traveled with serial killer about whether she was a victim or an accomplice. Plus, a bone-chilling confession from a man who freely admits to killing a college student.

Episode 17 A Family Tragedy
S 1 E 17

A Family Tragedy

Aired on Dec 22, 2022

After three members of a Minnesota family are shot by an intruder, leaving only one survivor, a neighbor is brought into the interrogation room for some tough questions.

Episode 16 The Cigarette Break
S 1 E 16

The Cigarette Break

Aired on Dec 15, 2022

A young man accused of killing a beloved 52-year-old woman changes his tune after a cigarette break and DNA technology helps detectives solve a decades-old murder mystery.

Episode 15 Left for Dead in the Cold
S 1 E 15

Left for Dead in the Cold

After a young father is brutally beaten and left to die on the side of a road, four acquaintances are interrogated separately and the finger-pointing begins.

Episode 14 Neighbor from Hell
S 1 E 14

Neighbor from Hell

Aired on Dec 01, 2022

A man’s body is found in a wooded area and the victim’s neighbor is brought into the interrogation room, where evidence mounts even as he’s being interviewed.

Episode 13 Stone Cold Murder
S 1 E 13

Stone Cold Murder

Aired on Nov 17, 2022

A man is gunned down outside a local shop and authorities interrogate two of his acquaintances to find out which one of them pulled the trigger. Plus, the shocking interrogation of a woman accused of mowing down two children with her car.

Episode 12 Deadly Dad
S 1 E 12

Deadly Dad

Aired on Nov 10, 2022

After a 20-year-old man is crushed by a truck that fell off its jack, the victim’s father is brought in to face questions over whether it was really an accident…or murder.

Episode 11 Something in the Water
S 1 E 11

Something in the Water

Aired on Nov 03, 2022

A young woman’s body parts are found in a suspect’s plumbing and freezer and when he’s brought into the interrogation room, his bizarre behavior stuns even the most seasoned detectives.

Episode 10 Murder by Scissors
S 1 E 10

Murder by Scissors

Aired on Jul 28, 2022

A boyfriend who finds his partner dead from a scissors stabbing quickly becomes the prime suspect.

Episode 9 Serial Killer at the VA Hospital
S 1 E 9

Serial Killer at the VA Hospital

Aired on Jul 21, 2022

After several mysterious deaths at a West Virginia VA hospital, investigators home in on a nurse’s aide who may also be a serial killer.

Episode 8 Who Murdered the Postman?
S 1 E 8

Who Murdered the Postman?

Aired on Jul 14, 2022

After a U.S. postal employee is shot dead in his truck, detectives push their prime suspect to admit it wasn’t just a tragic accident.

Episode 7 Conduct Unbecoming
S 1 E 7

Conduct Unbecoming

Aired on Jul 07, 2022

A married Navy police officer faces tough questions after the woman he was having an affair with goes missing and a wife accused of murdering her husband is finally interrogated after ten years on the run.

Episode 6 Unrequited Love
S 1 E 6

Unrequited Love

Aired on Jun 23, 2022

After a mother is viciously murdered by her foster daughter, interrogators ask the victim’s husband if he was in on the plot.

Episode 5 Murderous Friendship
S 1 E 5

Murderous Friendship

A woman goes missing and interrogators have tough questions for the friend she was last seen with.

Episode 4 Bride-to-Be Murder Mystery
S 1 E 4

Bride-to-Be Murder Mystery

Aired on Jun 09, 2022

After a woman is brutally murdered just a week before her wedding, detectives interrogate three possible suspects, including her fiance.

Episode 3 A Betrayal of Trust
S 1 E 3

A Betrayal of Trust

Aired on Jun 02, 2022

A man with a dark past is brought into the interrogation room after a woman is murdered and a young girl vanishes.

Episode 2 Tangled Affairs
S 1 E 2

Tangled Affairs

Aired on May 26, 2022

When a beloved art teacher is murdered in her own home, her husband and a growing list of suspects face tough questions in the interrogation room.

Episode 1 Lost in the Leaves
S 1 E 1

Lost in the Leaves

Aired on May 19, 2022

A small town is shaken when a mother, her two children and her best friend mysteriously vanish. Investigators find the family’s home covered in blood but very few clues. A minute detail helps authorities track down a suspect, but they need answers from him before time runs out.

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