Episode 20 We Got Your Back
S 1 E 20

We Got Your Back

Aired on Aug 11, 2021

In Atlanta, Derrick of Hi-Tech Towing makes a colossal mistake. In Alaska, a dangerous tow for Stan of Towz R Us ends in a letdown, followed by a heartwarming surprise. In Oklahoma, Nik Morgan of Morgan Towing has a special helper on a highway tow.

Episode 19 It's Just Business
S 1 E 19

It's Just Business

Aired on Aug 11, 2021

In Alaska, Stan from Towz R Us helps a new driver recover his truck off of a steep hill. In Atlanta, Hi-Tech’s DJ impounds the cars of contentious friends. Wayne, owner of Smith’s Towing in Kentucky, is put in a predicament with an angry customer that could upend his business.

Episode 18 Stealth Mode Activated
S 1 E 18

Stealth Mode Activated

Aired on Aug 04, 2021

In Alaska, Russ and Ellie from Towz R Us call in Stan to help retrieve the sports car of an uncooperative customer. In Delaware, trainee Manaiyah gets a lesson from the Pink Hookers in how to deal with angry customers. In New Orleans, Aaron from Aaron Campeaux Towing hunts down a stolen car.

Episode 17 Pressure's On
S 1 E 17

Pressure's On

Aired on Aug 04, 2021

In Oklahoma, at Morgan Towing, young guns Kort and Cam think they can handle the recovery of a car that flipped over a guard rail, but owner Nik and his right hand man Kevin show up to make sure. DJ gets frazzled and commits a major mistake after dad and owner Derrick reprimands him in Atlanta at Hi-Tech Towing. Veteran tow operator and local Alaskan Russ helps drivers on icy roads at Towz R Us.

Episode 16 Raise the Roof
S 1 E 16

Raise the Roof

Aired on Jul 28, 2021

DJ calls the shots for the night at Atlanta’s Hi-Tech Towing, trying to make his dad proud, but an angry customer could derail his success. At W&W Towing, Early and Rich contend with a blizzard and a stubborn semi-driver who is making their job more difficult. Nik and Kevin of Morgan Towing in Oklahoma help a friend who crashed into the awning of a church driveway.

Episode 15 Count on Me
S 1 E 15

Count on Me

Aired on Jul 28, 2021

In Oklahoma, Nik and Kevin of Morgan Towing recover a truck from a lake while trying to avoid an environmental disaster. Nick, from Towz R Us in Alaska, tows bales of hay for a very special customer. After DJ from Hi-Tech impounds a car in Atlanta, the car owner pursues DJ in an intense chase.

Episode 14 Road Trip From Hell
S 1 E 14

Road Trip From Hell

Aired on Jul 21, 2021

In Kentucky, Tyler and Matt of Smith’s Towing go on an epic road trip to tow a truck. Myesha of Pink Hookers Towing has to balance protecting her team and getting the job done in Delaware. In Alaska, Nick of Towz R Us tows a car that allows the customer to start a new chapter in her life.

Episode 13 War of Wills
S 1 E 13

War of Wills

Aired on Jul 21, 2021

In Chicago, Early of W&W Towing gives a semi-driver a free tow that turns out to be more than he bargained for. Russ, from Towz R Us in Alaska, rescues a driver during an intense blizzard. In Atlanta, DJ and Derrick from Hi-Tech get into a stalemate with a motorist who won’t get out of his car–even though it’s already hooked up to the tow truck!

Episode 12 Ask the Bossman
S 1 E 12

Ask the Bossman

Aired on May 25, 2021

At Smith’s Towing in Kentucky, Eddy breaks the big rig and needs Wayne to bail him out of a dangerous situation. Tae, at Hi-Tech in Atlanta, gets caught in the great parking spot debate. And Early, at W&W Towing in Chicago, does a good deed and lets a delivery driver call the shots.

Episode 11 Stay in Your Lane
S 1 E 11

Stay in Your Lane

Aired on May 25, 2021

After a dangerous vehicle retrieval, DJ and Derrick of Hi-Tech Towing have a friendly father-son competition in Atlanta. In Alaska, Stan from Towz R Us gets angry when a customer thinks he knows more about towing than Stan does. In Oklahoma, Nik is concerned he’ll have to get paid in fruit when an overturned semi carrying oranges may not have insurance.

Episode 10 When It Rains It Pours
S 1 E 10

When It Rains It Pours

Aired on May 18, 2021

On a cold night in Atlanta, the Hi-Tech crew goes from towing cars to rescuing pets when they discover a dog in an impounded car. In Chicago, Rich and Early of W&W Towing help a new truck driver when he gets his big rig stuck under a bridge. And in Alaska, Jeff of Towz R Us explains why venting and towing go hand in hand.

Episode 9 Taking the High Road
S 1 E 9

Taking the High Road

Aired on May 18, 2021

Things get heated in Kentucky when Eddy and Matt from Smith’s Towing fight for a tow with a rival company. A cable snaps on newbie Angie from Morgan Towing in Oklahoma. Early and Rich of W&W Towing in Illinois team up for a nighttime winch out in an unsavory neighborhood.

Episode 8 Carry the Chains
S 1 E 8

Carry the Chains

Aired on May 11, 2021

Bobby and Jacob from Morgan Towing in Oklahoma dodge traffic as they do a dangerous tow in the middle of a busy highway. In Delaware, a parking violator calls the cops on Ines and Myesha from Pink Hookers Towing. In Alaska, the Towz R Us Team is shocked by the death of one of their own.

Episode 7 The Heaviest Load
S 1 E 7

The Heaviest Load

Aired on May 11, 2021

Wayne, the owner of Smith’s Towing in Kentucky, impresses his team when he takes on a daring recovery. In New York, sisters Jonna and Tammy of Precision Towing are left with an angry customer when their equipment quits on them. Stan, from Towz R Us in Alaska, rescues a quirky crew from a ditch on a snowy night.

Episode 6 Rollover Miracle
S 1 E 6

Rollover Miracle

Aired on May 04, 2021

An angry customer pulls a gun on Ramone from Hi-Tech Towing in Atlanta. Jeff, from Towz R Us, tows an abandoned car that’s been worn down in a way that only happens in Alaska. In Kentucky, Eddy from Smith’s Towing rescues a rolled over SUV that is just short of miraculous.

Episode 5 Slippery Slope
S 1 E 5

Slippery Slope

Aired on May 04, 2021

Tyler, from Smith’s Towing in Kentucky, confronts a past trauma when a routine impound gets contentious. The Morgan Towing team in Oklahoma has to get creative on a tow that’s too tough for Nik’s rotator. And in Atlanta, Tae & Derrick from Hi-Tech Towing deal with an unruly impound.

Episode 4 Burnin Bridges
S 1 E 4

Burnin Bridges

Aired on Apr 27, 2021

Smith’s Towing in Kentucky gets the call when the fiery collision of two tractor trailers shuts down a major bridge crossing. The Pink Hookers, a female run team from Delaware, are confronted by angry drivers after a contentious impound, and in Alaska, Stan from the Towz-R-Us team is called to an unusual roadkill.

Episode 3 Already Damaged
S 1 E 3

Already Damaged

Aired on Apr 27, 2021

On a famously treacherous thoroughfare, Eddy, from Smith’s Towing in Kentucky, needs to clear a jack-knifed tractor-trailer before it causes additional accidents; Early and Rich, from W&W Towing in Illinois, are made to feel like the bad guys for damaging an already wrecked car; sisters Tammy and Jonna, a dynamic duo from Precision Towing in New York, suffer through a stinker of a tow.

Episode 2 Down n Dirty
S 1 E 2

Down n Dirty

Aired on Apr 20, 2021

Nik and Kevin from Morgan’s Towing in Oklahoma race against time and the rain to recover a flipped tractor trailer full of concrete powder. The Pink Hookers from Delaware return to a lot they had already cleared to find their adversaries waiting for them. In Alaska, Towz R Us driver, Stan recovers a snowbound car the old fashioned way.

Episode 1 Sink or Swim
S 1 E 1

Sink or Swim

Aired on Apr 20, 2021

In Atlanta, DJ and the HiTech Towing crew have to deal with a raucous impound outside of a nightclub. Nik Morgan, the owner of Morgan Towing in Oklahoma, is called to recover a tractor trailer that crashed into a lake; Tammy and Jonna from Precision Towing in New York can handle the wrecks, but not the man-splaining.

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