Houses of Horror: Secrets of College Greek Life

Exposes the dark side of Greek Row and its impact on some of those involved.

About the Show

“Houses of Horror: Secrets of College Greek Life” exposes the dark side of Greek Row and its impact on some of the young men and women who participate. Each episode features first-hand accounts of how the power, control, and secrecy of fraternities and sororities can create a cult-like dynamic leading to an environment where nefarious activity—from drug use to sexual assault—is able to thrive. Through exclusive sit-down interviews with those involved including former fraternity and sorority members, family, law enforcement and experts, the series details how these organizations that seemingly offer acceptance and community for young people have far-reaching consequences that can turn dangerous, and even deadly.

Over the course of six episodes, the series details a variety of first-hand accounts of the dark side of fraternity and sorority life at universities across the country. From a pledge at the University of Missouri hazed into drinking excessive quantities of alcohol that left him close to death, and a junior at the University of Minnesota who fought back against the Greek system after she was brutally raped by a fraternity brother, to a shocking set of overdose deaths at San Diego State University, and the infamous Machine, steeped in racist traditions of the Old South, at the University of Alabama, the series offers a far-reaching examination of how the seemingly fun and frivolous world of Greek life could hide a much darker underbelly.

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