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Season 8 (15)

10 Seasons | 118 Episodes, 20 Unlocked

Episode 1 Judy
S 8 E 1


Aired on May 28, 2015

Judy’s life is a dangerous one of severe contradictions. She is an extreme germaphobe who spends her entire day engaged in sanitization rituals, yet she lives in a severe and extremely filthy hoard overridden with mice whom she considers her friends. The situation is so hazardous to her health the fire department and health department have mandated a clean up.

Episode 2 Roxann & Barbara
S 8 E 2

Roxann & Barbara

Aired on Jan 03, 2016

Roxann is a vibrant, beautiful 32-year old mother and former model who has successfully hidden her hoarding until now. She fears Child Protective Services will intervene if she doesn’t clean up her hoarded home. Barbara’s extreme hoarding has forced her out of her house. The city is ready to condemn the home and do a forced cleanup if she doesn’t take care of the problem.

Episode 3 Jackie & Richard
S 8 E 3

Jackie & Richard

Aired on Jan 10, 2016
Jackie has filled her 4,000 square foot San Francisco hillside home with $1 million of teddy bears. Will she clean up the ocean of bears or lose her house? Richard previously agreed to his family's pleas for an emergency cleanup of his home during Hoarders Live. Will Richard take this chance to change his life?
Episode 4 Ruby & Mary
S 8 E 4

Ruby & Mary

Aired on Jan 10, 2016

Ruby, aka Big Momma’s house, is so hoarded she spends her entire day living in the car, and her grandson has started running the streets of LA. If she doesn’t clean up, her daughters will call Adult Protective Services. Mary’s historic home in the Napa Valley is filled with so much stuff, her two young children are in danger of being removed from the home by Child Protective Services.

Episode 5 Ben and Robin / Kevin
S 8 E 5

Ben and Robin / Kevin

Aired on Jan 24, 2016

Ailing couple, Ben and Robin’s hoarding is so severe that EMTs can no longer access their home for emergencies. Kevin is hiding a hoard of sexual paraphernalia in his home from his family by living in a hotel. He must reveal his secrets and clean up his home with family if he wants to move back in.

Episode 6 Dorothy and David & Doris
S 8 E 6

Dorothy and David & Doris

Aired on Jan 31, 2016

Dorothy and David fell in love with each other over their mutual love of hoarding. Their home is so packed now it has become physically unsafe for Dorothy and doctors have said one more fall in the hoard could paralyze her. Doris’ house is so packed with her wigs, shoes and other treasures she has literally been hoarded out of her house. She must clean up if she wants to move back in.

Episode 7 Dick & Karen
S 8 E 7

Dick & Karen

Aired on Jan 31, 2016

Dick has hoarded out his girlfriend Sandy’s house to the point that the two of them can no longer live in it. They face financial ruin if they can’t shed their current apartment rental and get back into Sandy’s home. Karen started hoarding after the tragic suicide of her oldest son. However, her young grandson now lives in her home and the neighbors have been making calls to child protective services due to the state of the property.

Episode 8 Peggy & Ed and Connie
S 8 E 8

Peggy & Ed and Connie

Aired on May 28, 2015
Peggy's hoard of filth and dead animal carcasses has led the city to deem her house uninhabitable. If she does not clean up, city officials will not allow Peggy to return to her beloved home. Ed and Connie met over their mutual love over Halloween items. However their love of Halloween ballooned into a much larger hoarding problem. With conditions becoming intolerable, their teenage son has issued an ultimatum: Clean up or he will take himself and his younger autistic brother out of the home--even if that means running away.
Episode 9 Ellen & Gloria
S 8 E 9

Ellen & Gloria

Aired on Feb 14, 2016

The tragic loss of Ellen’s husband in the line of duty triggered hoarding through kleptomania. Her house has become so unsafe with her lifted items, her home owners insurance is threatening to revoke coverage. Gloria’s family is on the verge of calling the sheriff and the SPCA due to her out-of-control dog, cat, and stuff hoarding.

Episode 10 Kathy & Elmira
S 8 E 10

Kathy & Elmira

Aired on Feb 21, 2016

Kathy has hoarded out her triplex and a dance studio and is facing financial ruin if she can’t clean up and rent out her spaces. Her twelve children, including a daughter who developed split personality disorder to cope with the hoard, will try to get her to face her demons. Elmira’s hoard has become so bad that code enforcement is on the verge of condemning her home. Elmira’s family will have to resolve their “step vs. blood” dynamics to help her through the process.

Episode 11 Where Are They Now?
S 8 E 11

Where Are They Now?

Aired on Feb 28, 2016

In this episode of Hoarders we check in with five hoarders from past seasons: Al lost custody of his son due to his hoarding, Jill is a food hoarder who feels that expiration dates are arbitrary, Dale is at risk of being evicted from the Boston loft apartment where he’s lived for over 30 years, Claire and Vance filled every room of their home with hundreds of thousands of books, and Verna was forced to sleep in her attic because her home was so hoarded.

Episode 13 Sandy & Len
S 8 E 13

Sandy & Len

Aired on Mar 13, 2016

Sandy’s sister, Nona, owns the family home where Sandy has lived her entire life. Nona hasn’t been inside the home in 10 years, but when code enforcement issued her a citation, she decided it was time to confront Sandy about how she’s been living. Len lives in a home stuffed full of garbage bags where he keeps all his belongings. If he doesn’t clean up his family fears his house will kill him.

Episode 14 Celia & Nathan
S 8 E 14

Celia & Nathan

Aired on Mar 20, 2016

Celia is in danger of losing her hoarded home of shoplifted items and her illegal hoard of dogs if she doesn’t get her compulsion under control. Nathan came out as gay when he was 15. The lack of acceptance he felt from his community led him to hoard items as a way to deal with is pain. Now in his early 30’s his hoarding has escalated to the point where he is facing eviction. Nathan must face all his past trauma in order to overcome his hoarding and crisis.

Episode 15 Maggie & Ann
S 8 E 15

Maggie & Ann

Aired on Mar 27, 2016

Maggie’s home is so packed with her shopping addiction that her granddaughter was forced to sleep on top of piles and shower outside with a garden hose. Things have gotten so bad, that a family member pulled Maggie and her granddaughter out of the house. If things are not cleaned up, they will not be allowed to return. Former spa owner, Ann, is about to lose her partner over her hoard. After a decade of failed promises to clean up the house, her partner has had it. Ann cleans up or he leaves her for good.

Episode 16 Sandi & Vivian
S 8 E 16

Sandi & Vivian

Aired on Apr 03, 2016

Sandi is known as the town’s Mrs. Claus over the holidays. However, she has taken her alter ego to the extreme with her gift hoarding compulsion. Things have gotten so out of control with her Mrs. Claus persona that Sandi is on the verge of going bankrupt and losing her gift-hoarded home! Vivian has custody over her grandsons but is on the verge of losing them to Child Protective Services because of her hoard.

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