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S 6 E 14

Where Are They Now?

Jun 02, 2014 | 42m 27s | tv-pg l | CC

Find out what happened to five of our most memorable hoarders years after they faced a crisis due to their hoard! Did the help from the Hoarders Team ultimately change their lives for the better or did they revert back to their old ways? Viewers will get a front row seat as our experts (Dr. Robin Zasio, Matt Paxton, Dr. Suzanne Chabaud, Dorothy Breininger and Standolyn Robertson) embark on a journey to find out the surprising results of Constance–the chicken egg hoarder who received a new house; Shannon–the woman who lost her children to child protective services due to the hoard; Kevin–the son of famous millionaire parents who had hoarded himself out of his Upper East Side NY apartment; Augustine–the woman who consistently chose her hoard over her children; and Ruth–a woman who buried the pain of the tragic losses of her husband and two sons by hoarding herself into the home.

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