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S 4 E 5


Jul 18, 2011 | 44m 35s | tv-pg l | CC

Randy’s boardwalk memorabilia collection fills a 20,000 square foot building and numerous tractor trailers. Room after room of pinball machines, signs, games, toys, tickets, and hundreds of mannequins modeled after Randy himself. He’s spent millions on his fantasy world known as Randyland–but it’s never been open to the public. Now he must figure out how to make money from his hoard or go broke and lose everything. Vicki’s hoarding is breaking up her family. Not only is her husband ready to walk away from their marriage, but their 15-year-old son wants to move out as well. Although painfully depressed and withdrawn from the world, Vicki says she is ready to seek help in order to keep her family from breaking up.

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