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S 4 E 16


Nov 21, 2011 | 43m 16s | tv-pg l | CC

Wilma’s hoard has done so much damage to her home that the city has deemed the structure uninhabitable. Regardless, she is illegally squatting there and if she doesn’t clean up, her property will be condemned. She takes no responsibility for her hoarding and the impact it has had on her three grown children. During a heated clean-up, Wilma is unable to part with belongings, but has no trouble breaking ties with her kids. Nora’s house is filled with rows and rows of containers. They line every wall of her home, creating small paths for her to get around. They’re filled with shopping finds as well as thousands of books, scrap-booking supplies, teaching materials, fabric and children’s items intended for her grandchildren. Her compulsive shopping has maxed out an equity line of credit and exhausted her fixed income. Nora must face her compulsions head-on or risk losing her home.

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