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S 2 E 8

Janet and Christina

Jun 30, 2014 | 45m 30s | tv-pg | CC

Janet’s picture perfect life crumbled when her husband of 32 years died while waiting for a heart transplant. Devastated, her hoarding spun out of control and she has now hit rock bottom. She turned to shopping and began filling her home with decorating supplies, in the vain hope of completing a home remodel her husband had wanted to do. She even collected over 20 sets of patio furniture in the process. Her four daughters are concerned that if Janet doesn’t change, she will be lost to them forever. Christina, a former psychologist, is literally suffocating beneath her things. Breathing at about 80% due to chronic asthma, Christina has at times been rendered blue from exhaustion and tears. She has filled her large suburban home with clothing for her and her daughter, 12-year-old Hanna. Despite much of it being unworn for years, she refuses to part with any of it. With her health on the line, she must clean up before her asthma gets worse.

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