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S 2 E 12

Dennis & Nadene/Erin & Malinda

Feb 15, 2010 | 45m 12s | tv-pg | CC

Dennis and his wife Nadene are compulsive hoarders who blame one another for the clutter and mess that has completely consumed their home. Dennis, a retired cop with an arsenal of guns and knives, has retreated to his bedroom in declining health. Now, with Adult Protective Services involved, their daughter, Heather, has flown in from London for one last attempt to help them clean their home and deal with her father’s lingering anger and deep depression. Sisters Erin and Malinda cannot remember a time when hoarding did not affect their lives. Their parents were both hoarders and their home was always cluttered. Now, as adults living with their sick mother, they are forced to face their life-long problems of compulsive shopping and hoarding–or risk having her removed by Adult Protective Services.

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