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Season 11 (7)

13 Seasons | 127 Episodes, 28 Unlocked

Episode 8 John
S 11 E 8


Aired on Sep 14, 2020

For 18 years John refused to let anyone into his house. Recently he finally asked his daughters for help. John’s extreme hoard, rat infestation and mounting citations from the city is too much to handle. John must now cleanup or face losing not only his home, but his relationship with the woman he loves.

Episode 7 Cindy
S 11 E 7


Aired on Aug 31, 2020

Code Enforcement has been dealing with Cindy in court for years now. They have given her one last chance to clean up her massive hoard. Cindy’s unrealistic ideas of worth will cause tension with her family members as Cindy tries to maximize profit while cleaning up the property. With the help of the Hoarders team, Cindy must deal with her hoarding tendencies to save her son’s property and her storefront, or lose everything.

Episode 6 Flora
S 11 E 6


Aired on Aug 24, 2020

Flora’s daughter and grandchildren recently moved in with her, but due to the massive hoard, the entire family must eat, sleep and live in a single bedroom. With broken windows, black mold and a major cockroach infestation, the house is no place for anyone, especially children. If Flora doesn’t clean up her home, there is a risk that Child Protective Services could intervene, and her daughter could lose custody of her children.

Episode 5 Dennis
S 11 E 5


Aired on Aug 17, 2020

As a retired Architect Dennis sees the value in repurposing and using materials for all types of projects. This has led Dennis to collect a massive amount of clutter over the years. Being the primary care giver for his wife, he has no more time to spend completing projects he once desired to accomplish. Code Enforcement is concerned about the safety of Dennis’ property. Now with the help of the Hoarders team of experts, either Dennis will clean up the property or Code Enforcement will take action and he will lose everything.

Episode 3 Althia
S 11 E 3


Aired on Aug 03, 2020

Althia is facing heavy fines for multiple vehicles, building materials and a 60-foot semi-trailer on her residential property. Her 5000 square foot unfinished dream home is filled with unsold inventory from a business that ended when her husband died. Althia doesn’t want to part with any of it because she’s convinced she can sell it all and finish her home. Family members, including her 90-year old mother, have come to help Althia confront her hoarding disorder and resolve unwanted attention from the city.

Episode 2 Sherry
S 11 E 2


Aired on Jul 27, 2020

For two years Sherry has not paid the mortgage payments on her house. Her justification for her massive hoard is that it protects her from the outside world, resulting in a 6-foot-high wall of trash blocking entry into the home. Relationships are tested when Sherry attempts to work with her son and daughter to clear her massive hoard. With the help of the Hoarders team, Sherry must now cleanup her hoard to start getting her life on track.

Episode 1 Carol
S 11 E 1


Aired on Jul 20, 2020

Over the past two decades, Carol has hoarded her husband’s home. Now, she’s left her husband Dave to deal with the hoard and his failing health. With the mansion threatened to be condemned, the family unites to try to save the house and confront Carol about her behavior.

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