Brandon Bronaugh from A&E's Hoarders

Brandon Bronaugh

For over 11 years, Brandon Bronaugh has helped people recover from the effects of long-term hoarding. He has worked with hundreds of clients whose homes had become their prison. They were ashamed to have people visit, embarrassed about their squalid living conditions, and afraid to seek help. Often, they really wanted to overcome their difficulties, but they didn’t know where to start.

Brandon also noticed that people facing significant life changes were greatly stressed, especially when the changes resulted from major illness or injury, the physical or mental infirmity of an aging parent, or the death of a loved one. In these especially-challenging circumstances, people battled emotional, mental or physical hurdles. Trying to manage home repairs, clean a cluttered home or organize all the details of packing and moving only increased their distress.

Brandon wanted to help, but soon realized that very limited resources were available. Seizing the opportunity to make a difference, he established a company to reflect a simple vision–create a transition company that managed all aspects of a family’s life-changing events. LifeCycle Transitions is the outgrowth of that vision. To help guide people through the entire transition process, Brandon and his team now provide customizable solutions that help people make better decisions and achieve a home situation that meets their needs and makes them happy.

Hoarding intervention is still the hallmark service, and it’s the starting point for virtually every transition. However, in over a decade of helping people, Brandon has discovered that most clients need additional assistance once the hoarding clean-up is complete. To help meet those needs, LifeCycle Transitions also provides 1) downsizing, relocation and move-management services to clients whose homes no longer meet their needs, 2) healthy-home prep for people whose homes need minor repairs or safety features before they can return from the hospital or rehab, and 3) in-home assistance to folks who need occasional help with routine cleaning, cooking, maintenance, errand-running and shopping.

Some clients realize that their best option is to sell their home–either ‘As Is’ or after it has been updated or completely rehabbed. LifeCycle Transitions offers programs that help homeowners sell their home for a competitive price, emerge from financial distress, and relocate to a home that meets their current needs.

To date, Brandon and his team have transitioned more than 500 families. In the process, he has forged partnerships with healthcare providers and hospitals, as well as skilled nursing homes, assisted living communities, and rehabilitation facilities. He works with community councils on aging, local health departments, elder services groups and inspection services. A number of cities and towns have recognized his expertise and asked Brandon to help them address local hoarding emergencies and to provide referral resources.

Brandon’s holistic approach to hoarding clean-up and transition means that his clients don’t have to fumble through their transition alone. The team at LifeCycle Transitions offers everything necessary to complete a transition without spending loads of money, doing tons of homework, or dealing with contractors, legal advisors, realtors, and city officials.

Recently, Brandon added another weapon to his growing arsenal of expertise by becoming one of the latest experts on A&E’s hit reality TV series, Hoarders. He hopes his unique approach to hoarding intervention will allow him to bring enormous relief to families battling the hoarding disorder, and also encourage viewers who are seeking direction and inspiration.