Amie Yancey from Flipping Vegas

Amie Yancey

Amie Yancey works at the Goliath Company as an agent, investor, and interior designer.

Amie Yancey doesn’t do anything halfway. She lives full-tilt.and she works that way, too. As a real estate agent she has sold more than 700 homes since moving to Las Vegas with her husband, Scott, in 2004. As a designer, she immerses herself in the architectural spirit of the home or building, which means the result is never vanilla. This also means she usually exceeds Scott’s renovation budget!

Her unique philosophy of life is partly the product of growing up on a ranch in Canada. Later on, she stabled her horses (one of which she once dyed purple) and took up riding dirt bikes. She has owned eight motorcycles, and has rolled her sand toy five times (after which she said, “She ain’t pretty, but the stereo still works.”).

When she’s not working or surviving some sort of dare devil act, you’ll find Amie hanging out at the neighborhood coffee shop with Tallulah, her miniature dapple dachshund, possibly cave diving in the Caribbean or just sitting on a beach with Scott.