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Season 6 (9)

11 Seasons | 129 Episodes, 129 Unlocked

Episode 1 Governor's Travels
S 6 E 1

Governor's Travels

Aired on Jun 11, 2014

When the Governor of Louisiana announces that he will be coming to Duck Commander to present Willie with a commerce award, John Luke volunteers to give the introduction speech. But Willie can’t help but give John Luke some public speaking pointers, along with Si’s unwanted help. Meanwhile, Miss Kay enlists Korie and Sadie’s help to pick out a nice outfit for the visit, trying to convince a reluctant Phil to give his opinion on her outfit options.

Episode 2 Quack and Gown
S 6 E 2

Quack and Gown

Aired on Jun 18, 2014

With Reed’s graduation day approaching, Jase decides to take Reed frog hunting the night before, like he did on the day of his own graduation. Willie and Si join in, and Jase tries to keep them from imparting their “college advice” on Reed. Meanwhile, Korie, Jep, Jessica and Kay pull a senior prank of their own by toilet papering Missy and Jase’s house.

Episode 3 Hands on a Woodchipper
S 6 E 3

Hands on a Woodchipper

Aired on Jun 25, 2014

When Willie agrees to sponsor Mountain Man’s radio contest, a “Hands on a Hardbody” competition, he somehow finds himself competing against Si for Mountain Man’s last minute prize: a woodchipper. Meanwhile, Jep and Jessica chaperone Lily’s first “date,” mini golfing with a boy from her school and Jep goes into over-protective dad mode.

Episode 4 Quack Draft
S 6 E 4

Quack Draft

Aired on Jul 02, 2014

When the Robertsons participate in the West Monroe Fire Department pancake breakfast, the firemen invite Willie and his brothers to train with the department for the day. Meanwhile, Phil and Si accompany Miss Kay on a trip to visit a family grave, but Phil becomes uneasy when Kay begins to look at burial plots for their own final resting place.

Episode 5 Brand of Brothers
S 6 E 5

Brand of Brothers

Aired on Jul 09, 2014

When Willie contemplates re-branding the Duck Commander image, Jase takes issue with having an outsider design their image, so he and the guys create their own new logo and business cards. Meanwhile, Willie and Phil help Bella with her science project, so Phil takes this chance to teach his granddaughter about nature, and ends up teaching her more than Willie was hoping.

Episode 6 De-Bug Life
S 6 E 6

De-Bug Life

Aired on Jul 16, 2014

The guys realize it is time for the annual cleaning of the duck blinds when they come across a gator using one as a home. Meanwhile, while the kids are running the church car wash, Si and Willie disagree on the best way to draw in customers.

Episode 7 Men vs. Wild
S 6 E 7

Men vs. Wild

Aired on Jul 30, 2014

Brotherly competition is taken to a whole new level when Jase and Willie challenge Alan and Jep to a survival race through the woods on Phil’s property. Meanwhile, Si is interested in finding a new hobby when he sees Kay cutting coupons, so the two join forces to set out on a couponing excursion.

Episode 8 Return of the Beavers
S 6 E 8

Return of the Beavers

Aired on Aug 06, 2014

When Phil discovers more beaver activity on the Robertson land, he recruits Jase, Jep, and Si to get rid of them. Meanwhile, Willie and Korie bring Bella to her first day of karate practice, but when Willie tells the instructor that he always wanted to learn karate, he is invited to join the class for the day.

Episode 9 Lake Boss
S 6 E 9

Lake Boss

Aired on Aug 13, 2014

Stumped on a way to celebrate Willie’s birthday, Korie enlists the guys’ help and Jase takes the reigns in planning a trip to the lake where Phil and Kay used to live. Meanwhile, when the women realize a raccoon is inside the lake house, they ask for Phil to take care of the problem and he enlists the help of his grandkids on a search for the critter.

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