Working With Family

Working with - and for - your family has its perks and disadvantages. And nobody knows that better than brothers Willie Robertson, CEO of Duck Commander, and Jase Robertson, who designs and helps build the duck calls that made the company famous. The duo tells us about the good and the bad of dealing with your kin at the office.

Willie Robertson


I know their habits, which makes it easier to motivate them.

When they're not at work, I know exactly where they are: hunting.

If they mess up at work, I know where they live.

The money always stays in the family.


You can't fire your family when they screw up.

If there's ever an issue at work, you can't leave it at the office because you see them at dinner every night.

The term "show up to work on time" doesn't apply to family.

Nap time at work is more frequent with family.

Jase Robertson


Your kids are top priority future employees.

You always know when speeches are deceitful or downright false.

You know when you get a bonus or raise that Willie is fixing to be driving a couple new vehicles, which opens up older vehicles for family use.

You are never fired - always transferred to a different department.


The corporate ladder has no steps because every family member has been stereotyped. It is not based on productivity, but personality.

No "perks" for any employee or friends not named Robertson.

What you did at 12 years old should have no bearing on what you are doing now, but it does. Members are employees.