Deep Fried Dynasty

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A&E’s “Deep Fried Dynasty” is all about the big personalities behind the mouth-watering food at the State Fair of Texas. These grease-soaked geniuses have just 24 demanding days to turn deep fried delicacies into major profits. They create the dishes that define the event. Wild and creative bites like Deep Fried Butter, Crispy Crazy Corn, Toffee Coffee Crunch Cake, and Fried S’Mores.

The series is an inside look at how these imaginative foods come to life and the millions of dollars on the line for these family-run small business. Each team is on a mission to stand out and rake in profits from tens of thousands of fair attendees. It’s the American Dream, deep-fried, chocolate covered, and wrapped in bacon.

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  • Brent and Juan Reaves
    Brent and Juan Reaves
  • Abel "Fried Jesus" Gonzales
    Abel "Fried Jesus" Gonzales
  • Rick and Tammy Stiffler
    Rick and Tammy Stiffler
  • Johnna McKee and Christi Erpillo
    Johnna McKee and Christi Erpillo
  • Chef Cassy Jones
    Chef Cassy Jones

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