Season 5 (28)

5 Seasons | 119 Episodes

Episode 1 Obsession: Dave Reichert and the Green River Killer
S 5 E 1

Obsession: Dave Reichert and the Green River Killer

Aired on Dec 15, 2005
In this special 100th edition of Cold Case Files, we look at the biggest serial murder case in U.S. history - the 20-year hunt for the Green River Killer. Dave Reichert, the detective who made finding the killer his obsession, walks us through the case. He tells vivid, sometimes harrowing stories about the murders, saying, "You never forget the sight of a 16-year-old body lying on her back on the riverbank with ligature around her neck." Reichert headed up two Green River task forces until forensic DNA technology helped crack the case and brought him face to face with the killer thought to be responsible for 48 deaths.
Episode 2 Finding BTK
S 5 E 2

Finding BTK

Aired on Dec 01, 2005
The story of the hunt for one of the most notorious serial killers in recent American history--the BTK killer, who terrorized the Wichita, Kansas, area for years. After committing at least seven brutal murders, BTK (for Bind, Torture, Kill) vanished for over 25 years before sending clues of his crimes to the media in 2004. He continued to avoid capture until a forensic computer expert traced a computer disc that led investigators to a surprising suspect--a church president.
Episode 3 Death of a Deacon / A Wife's Mission
S 5 E 3

Death of a Deacon / A Wife's Mission

Aired on Jan 14, 2006

When a church deacon is found shot to death it looks like police may have stumbled upon a multi-party murder plot. And, a wife remains a key suspect in her husband’s murder case for six years, until she attempts to prove her own innocence.

Episode 4 Snatched/A Detective's Promise
S 5 E 4

Snatched/A Detective's Promise

Aired on Nov 17, 2005
The dogged work of an Alberta, Canada, detective finally pays off when he tracks down the man who raped and murdered a 6-year-old girl 10 years earlier. And when police search for the killer of an 18-year-old hitchhiker, they find that the victim's diary is one of their best clues.
Episode 5 106 - The Sunday Morning Slasher
S 5 E 5

106 - The Sunday Morning Slasher

Aired on Feb 04, 2006

Law enforcement officials fear they may have to release a serial killer from prison until a 24-year-old murder case gives them a chance to lock him up for good.

Episode 6 Caught on Tape / A Son Remember
S 5 E 6

Caught on Tape / A Son Remember

Aired on Feb 11, 2006

A video tape made at an ATM machine helps police in Louisville, KY, to nab a man suspected of raping 13 women. And a DA investigator in Georgia helps crack a murder case that his father, a police chief, first worked on 30 years before.

Episode 7 On the Case: Nacole's Killer
S 5 E 7

On the Case: Nacole's Killer

Aired on Mar 11, 2006
This special edition of Cold Case Files offers an inside look, rarely seen, at an active cold case investigation. We follow Det. Vince Velazquez of Atlanta and Capt. Russell Popham of East Point, Ga., as they work to solve the 1995 rape and murder of 14-year-old Nacole Smith, one of Atlanta's most notorious unsolved crimes. We see Velazquez and Popham hit the streets to question people who might recognize the man in their composite sketch, and obtain DNA samples from potential suspects. "It's almost like the carrot's dangling in front of us, but we just can't catch it," Velazquez says of his painstaking, frustrating search for the killer.
Episode 8 107 - Killer on Campus / The Bow Hunter
S 5 E 8

107 - Killer on Campus / The Bow Hunter

Aired on Apr 02, 2006

Thirty-two years after the killing of University of Michigan law student Jane Mixer, police use DNA found on her pantyhose to finally track down the killer. And psychologists help solve a cold case by suggesting the lead detective take a page from the game of romance, and play hard to get with the killer.

Episode 9 Something Snapped / A Killer's Dream
S 5 E 9

Something Snapped / A Killer's Dream

Aired on Apr 08, 2006
On a summer night in 1987 a 17-year-old girl to come home is found raped and strangled near the Hudson River. And In 1983, a young mother is raped and murdered at work. The crime remains unsolved for two decades.
Episode 10 The Family / The Clue That Stuck
S 5 E 10

The Family / The Clue That Stuck

Aired on Apr 15, 2006

A detective vows not to shave until he solves the murder of a young Oregon woman. It takes three years and a string of Mexican Mafia informants to crack the case and allow the dedicated detective to shave his beard. And in a California case, investigators track down a killer with the help of DNA found on the duct tape used to wrap the murder victim’s head.

Episode 11 Daddy Dearest/A Pastor's Wife
S 5 E 11

Daddy Dearest/A Pastor's Wife

Aired on May 06, 2006

Nine years after the murders of a mother and her teenage daughters, a wiretapped conversation between the suspected killer and his sister helps police to crack the case. And the baffling murder of a Virginia woman is solved when human bones are discovered by a geologist working in North Carolina.

Episode 12 Innocence Stolen/Danger at the Door
S 5 E 12

Innocence Stolen/Danger at the Door

Aired on Jul 08, 2006
A district attorney uses a clever technique--a "John Doe indictment"--to give law enforcement officials the time they need to track down the Schoolgirl Rapist from Rochester, N. Y. And prosecutors reluctantly decide not to prosecute their lead suspect in the rape and murder of a 9-year-old girl because they have only circumstantial evidence. But 12 years later, the cold case squad reopens the case, hoping DNA evidence will prove the suspect's guilt.
Episode 13 The Interrogation/The Slide
S 5 E 13

The Interrogation/The Slide

Aired on Jul 01, 2006
A 14-year-old boy is charged with the murder of his sister, but his public defender believes the police coerced the boy's confession and that the real killer is still on the loose. And two deteriorated medical examiner's slides, made in a murder investigation 16 years earlier, give police the evidence they need to reopen the cold case and bring the lead suspect to trial.
Episode 14 The Taunt / Death in Deadwood
S 5 E 14

The Taunt / Death in Deadwood

Aired on Jul 29, 2006

A serial rapist seals his own fate when he sends a taunting letter to police. And when a man is found dead in South Dakota, his head bashed in by a 50-pound rock, investigators go on a 20-year search for the killers.

Episode 15 A Child Remembers
S 5 E 15

A Child Remembers

Aired on Aug 12, 2006

Our cameras follow Detective Manny Reyes as he investigates the 1990 murder of a Fort Worth, Texas woman. Reyes talks to the woman’s two sons, who believe that her husband, Bobby, was the murderer.

Episode 16 The Black Dahlia
S 5 E 16

The Black Dahlia

Aired on Sep 09, 2006

Bill Kurtis examines one of the most infamous cold cases in Los Angeles history — the 1947 murder of actress Elizabeth Short, who was found nude and cut in half in an empty lot. Though charges have never been filed in the case, theories abound.

Episode 17 The Deadly Stroll/Unholy Secret
S 5 E 17

The Deadly Stroll/Unholy Secret

Aired on Sep 23, 2006

In Rhode Island, policewomen go undercover in as street walkers to nab the man suspected of murdering three prostitutes. And a dagger-shaped letter opener is the key piece of evidence that links a priest to the grisly 1980 murder of a nun in Toledo, Ohio.

Episode 18 A Deadly Affair / The Sting Operation
S 5 E 18

A Deadly Affair / The Sting Operation

Aired on Sep 30, 2006

After 19 years, Kansas detectives reopen the case of a banker found beaten to death in his bed–and the chief suspect is his cheating wife. And a man with a guilty conscience helps Arkansas police to crack a cold case of murder.

Episode 19 NCIS / Exhuming the Truth
S 5 E 19

NCIS / Exhuming the Truth

Aired on Oct 07, 2006

After U.S. Navy sailor disappears in 68, the Navy claims he went AWOL. But his sister works for over 30 years to prove that he was really killed. And DNA from a cigarette butt helps detectives to unravel a 20-year-old case of rape and murder.

Episode 20 Cross Country Connection/Eyes at the Window
S 5 E 20

Cross Country Connection/Eyes at the Window

Aired on Oct 21, 2006
DNA found on a marijuana joint in Florida in 2005 helps to solve the 1988 rape and murder of a California woman. And a cold case of murder in Illinois heats up when a jailhouse lawyer turns jailhouse snitch.
Episode 21 Abandoned Houses/A Son's Memory
S 5 E 21

Abandoned Houses/A Son's Memory

Aired on Oct 28, 2006
Detectives are baffled when two young girls are raped, murdered, and dumped in an abandoned house in Akron, Ohio. And a 26-year-old mother of three disappears on Christmas Eve in 1995, but the missing persons case goes cold when police can find few clues to her whereabouts.
Episode 22 A Knock at the Door/Shattered
S 5 E 22

A Knock at the Door/Shattered

Aired on Nov 18, 2006
The killing of a woman in a Virginia hotel room goes unsolved for a quarter of a century before investigators are finally able to zero in on the likely killer. And, when a 25-year-old women is shot to death during a jewelry store robbery in 1980, investigators collect fingerprints and blood from the crime scene. There are few leads and the case goes cold until 1999, when detectives test the blood evidence and develop a DNA profile. For two years more, that profile sits without a match, until 2001 when a convicted burglar is entered into the DNA databank.
Episode 23 A Deadly Pattern / A Desperate Housewife
S 5 E 23

A Deadly Pattern / A Desperate Housewife

Aired on Dec 24, 2006
When a woman is found murdered in her mobile home, police make two shocking discoveries - her husband may not only have been the killer, but he may have also killed his first wife 31 years before. And after an Oregon man is shot dead, the case takes an unusual twist when one of the investigating detectives has an affair with the chief suspect - the dead man's wife.
Episode 24 Murder He Wrote / Caught By the Past
S 5 E 24

Murder He Wrote / Caught By the Past

Aired on Dec 31, 2006

Guns found dumped in a pond help police to solve the 15-year-old murder of Detroit cab company owner. And the rape and murder of an Atlanta TV station receptionist goes cold for 20 years before DNA links a man to the crime.

Episode 25 126 - Left for Dead/On the Case
S 5 E 25

126 - Left for Dead/On the Case

Aired on Dec 31, 2006

A detective in California tracks down a prostitute’s killer with the help of a key piece of evidence–fingerprints lifted off two beer bottles found at the murder scene. And two persistent cold case detectives in Kansas City, Mo., use DNA analyses to investigate the 1990 murder of a woman and the death of a man killed in a car crash in 1988.

Episode 26 The Execution of Michael Johnson
S 5 E 26

The Execution of Michael Johnson

Aired on Jul 26, 2007
Bill Kurtis narrates this look at the last 48 hours before the scheduled execution of Michael Johnson, convicted in the senseless killing of Jeff Wetterman 11 years earlier. Our cameras capture the rising tension as we interview Johnson the day before his date with death and as his family fights to save him. Will Johnson die, or will he receive a last-minute stay of execution? In a shocking turn of events, the story ends in a way no one could have foreseen.
Episode 27 Innocence Files
S 5 E 27

Innocence Files

Aired on Sep 20, 2007
A look at the work of college students who take on the cases of jailed murderers who claim they're innocent. With exclusive, behind-the-scenes access to Innocence Projects at the University of Cincinnati and Texas Tech University, viewers watch as the students visit the inmates, track down key witnesses, and seek DNA testing that could prove their clients' innocence. We focus on the cases of Anthony Graves, a Texas death row prisoner, and Glen Tinney, a mentally ill Ohio inmate who pleaded guilty but now says he didn't do the crime.
Episode 28 Evidence Kit
S 5 E 28

Evidence Kit

Aired on Oct 14, 2007

Sheri Mecklenburg, a corporation counsel for the Chicago Police Department, launches the Women’s DNA initiative to fund the testing of backlogged rape evidence kits and help rape victims find justice. And Anne Marie Schubert, a deputy district attorney for Sacramento County, Calif., uses a grant for DNA testing to hunt the killer of a man who was brutally stabbed to death in his home 16 years ago.

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