Episode 1 Part 1
S 1 E 1

Part 1

Aired on Sep 30, 2023

Serial killer Joel Rifkin took the lives of 17 women in New York before he was caught red handed in 1993. Almost thirty years later, after interviewing Rifkin for a documentary, a TV producer leverages his relationship with New York’s most prolific serial killer to get information police could use to discover the identities of Rifkin’s two remaining unknown victims. When presented with actionable leads, New York State Police revisit the case and begin a two year search for justice for Victims Six and Nine.

Episode 2 Part 2
S 1 E 2

Part 2

Aired on Sep 30, 2023

After 30 years, serial killer Joel Rifkin is providing clues to New York State Police in order to identify two of his 17 victims–the only victims that remain nameless. The information he’s given has brought investigators closer than ever before to naming Victims Six and Nine. But when they visit him in prison, Rifkin throws them a curveball. In an effort to bring about justice, TV producer Peter Reiss follows up with his own on camera sit down with Rifkin to get answers once and for all.

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