Season 1 (2)

2 Seasons | 6 Episodes

Episode 2 Deer Santa
S 1 E 2

Deer Santa

Aired on Dec 20, 2022

A parachuting Santa crash lands at a beach in Florida. An out of control giant balloon wreaks havoc at the Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC. A Florida woman’s Christmas tree is taken over by a mysterious furry visitor. Parents use their holiday turkeys to prank their unsuspecting children. A six point buck breaks into a young man’s home in Maryland and capsizes his Christmas tree.

Episode 1 Claus and Effect
S 1 E 1

Claus and Effect

Aired on Dec 13, 2022

In California, a paragliding Santa Claus has a head on collision with a power line. Fists fly between two bargain-hunting Black Friday shoppers at a mall in Kentucky. A Colorado driver saves Christmas when he chases down a delivery truck sprinkling the highway with last-minute gifts. At a New Year’s Eve celebration in Texas, a lit firecracker makes its way into a car’s trunk that’s filled with fireworks. A motorcycle-riding Santa Claus in Paris chases down a driver after witnessing a shocking hit-and-run.

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