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  • SEASON 1 7 episodes available
  • SEASON 2 12 episodes available
  • SEASON 3 16 episodes available
  • SEASON 4 7 episodes available
  • SEASON 5 8 episodes available
  • SEASON 6 8 episodes available
  • SEASON 7 6 episodes available
  • SEASON 8 5 episodes available
  • SEASON 9 11 episodes available

Full Episodes

S 1 E 1


Aired on Jan 13, 2011

In this episode, inmates at the Valley State Prison for Women try to keep five young girls from becoming convicts.

S 1 E 2


Aired on Jan 20, 2011

Five teens learn the harsh realities of prison life at the Maryland Correctional Institution at Jessup, where dozens of menacing inmates, including convicted murderers, surround the kids and taunt them. The teens include Steven, 17, who likes the “outlaw” life; Brandon, 17, who’s been arrested five times; Dion, who admits to selling drugs; and Sahn, 13, who steals.

S 1 E 3


Aired on Jan 27, 2011

Hardened criminals at the California prison that is home to Charles Manson give teens a taste of life on the yard, where any prisoner can approach the kids and give them a feel for the dangers of prison life. The teens include Stephen, 16, a violent youth who threatens his teachers; Josh and Armando, 16, twin brothers and gang members; Elijha, 15, a car thief; and Abraham, 16, who thinks that going to jail is no big deal.

S 1 E 4


Aired on Feb 03, 2011

In this episode six teens, some of whom have already served time in juvie, get a dose of grown-up prison life at the Lieber Correctional Facility in South Carolina. The inmate-run “Operation Behind Bars” program puts the teens in tiny cells and introduces them to “Lock-Up,” the prison within a prison for the worst inmates. The most shocking moments come when the prison’s murderers and thieves tell the kids their personal stories.

S 1 E 5

San Quentin

Aired on Feb 10, 2011

Viewers go into one of the nation’s most infamous prisons to see how four teens who have already been involved in crime react to experiencing prison life first-hand. They stand outside Death Row, experience the taunts of prisoners in overcrowded cells, and hear the inmates tell them that fear is everywhere in the prison, and violence is around every corner.

S 1 E 6


Aired on Feb 24, 2011

Maryland inmates give a group of five at-risk teens a taste of prison when they are forced to eat “Lock-up Loaf,” a brick of baked mush served to unruly prisoners. The teens include, Shane, 17, a redneck who is surprised he hasn’t killed anyone, Garrett, 13, who HAS been kicked out of eight schools already, Brandy, 16, who skips school to smoke pot, her brother Shawn, 15, who protects Brandy at any cost and Richard, 18, a towering jock who drinks, blacks out and awakens bloodied from brawling.

S 1 E 7

Jessup Women's Prison

Aired on Mar 03, 2011

Five at-risk girls are subjected to a terrifying simulation of the degrading process of entering a female prison. Four friends, busted together for shoplifting, have a unique opportunity to jointly discover the horror of prison life. The prison tour reaches its greatest emotional impact when teens open up to the inmates, causing one girl to reveal a tragic secret.

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