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Best of the Live PD K-9 Units

Duke from K-9 Unit of Utah Highway Patrol Live PD
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    Best of the Live PD K-9 Units

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      Best of the Live PD K-9 Units

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      August 09, 2020

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Sometimes the four-legged members of the police departments on Live PD get overshadowed by the humans they work with. But whether they are sniffing out drugs or weapons, or finding and grabbing a suspect, police dogs are valuable members of police forces around the country, not just on the show. Here are some fan-favorite moments featuring K-9 units:

‘Stop Right There! I’m Going to Send the Dog!’

A car chase almost leads to a foot chase until Duke from the Utah Highway Patrol’s K-9 unit steps in. As soon as the suspects hear an officer yell “stop or we’ll send the dog!” and Duke’s intimidating bark, they surrender.

Sniffing Out a Suspect in a Dumpster

When an armed robbery suspect tries to evade the Greenville County Sheriff’s Department, they bring in the K-9 unit to help find him. Not only does the police dog locate the suspect behind a dumpster, but shows off his strength by pulling the man out of a tight corner by his sleeve.

Bring in the Big Guns

After a suspect is involved in a drug deal gone bad, a member of the Greenville County Sheriff’s Department’s K-9 unit helps officers find the suspect’s gun.

Help With a Meth Bust

Duke, a member of the Utah Highway Patrol’s K-9 unit, helps officers locate 110 pounds of meth in a car’s spare tire. The street value of the meth was approximately $660,000.

Five Years on the Shelf
Sgt. Denver Leverett detains a driver after his K-9 Flex alerts to narcotics in the vehicle.

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