Live PD Season 3 Highlights

Meth in His Underwear
3m 33s tv-pg
A Vet's VIP (Very Important Puppy)
2m 51s tv-pg
Runs Like a Bullet
4m 6s tv-pg
Attitude Is Everything
3m 43s tv-pg
Quick Surrender
2m 48s tv-pg
The Odd Couple
4m 21s tv-pg
Loitering Crooner
2m 38s tv-pg
Somebody's Lyin'
3m 52s tv-pg
Fled Then Bled
4m 58s tv-pg
RV Chase
3m 13s tv-pg
Cranky Neighborhood
4m 21s tv-pg
Drunk Carjacking
3m 56s tv-pg
Broken Car Won't Stop
3m 36s tv-pg
Tough Guy with an Axe to Grind
5m 11s tv-pg
One Last Hug Before Bedtime
3m 54s tv-pg
I'm Just a Girl
4m 16s tv-pg
Puking Passenger
9m 35s tv-pg
No Pants Crash
9m 6s tv-pg
A Dog With a Job
5m 23s tv-pg
Wheelies and Weed
8m 1s tv-pg
Pizza Armed Robbery
3m 36s tv-pg
Harassed By Junk Mail
7m 27s tv-pg
Trailer Trespasser
4m 8s tv-pg
Gang Startup
7m 54s tv-pg
Caught by the Heli
6m 16s tv-pg
Her Driving Scares Me
2m 52s tv-14
$100 DUI
2m 30s tv-14
Not Mine
3m 33s tv-14
From Bad To Worse
3m 35s tv-14
3m 52s tv-14
Crappy Attitude
2m 23s tv-14
Stealing A Stolen Phone
4m 34s tv-14
What A Meth
3m 20s tv-14
When Nature Calls
3m 27s tv-14
Dog House Burglar
3m 5s tv-14
Sign of an Intruder
3m 56s tv-14
He Wanted to Fight
3m 54s tv-14
Defense Machete
3m 36s tv-14
Don't Come Around Here No More
4m 14s tv-14
Mini Mart Mayhem
3m 54s tv-14
Drunk at Detention
3m 12s tv-14
Mama Is Mad
4m 21s tv-14
3m 31s tv-14
Chased Down
2m 9s tv-14
Stop Light Snooze
4m 20s tv-14
Selling More Than Ice Cream
3m 11s tv-14
Heroin Addict, Burglary Suspect
3m 6s tv-14
Tuna Spoon
3m 52s tv-14
Find Somewhere Else to Do It
3m 12s tv-14
Heavy Sleeper
3m 12s tv-14
Living with Jesus
2m 58s tv-14
Birthday Taco and Joyride
3m 58s tv-pg
Failure to Comply
3m 0s tv-14
Talking Nonsense
3m 46s tv-pg
3m 7s tv-pg
Burglary Beat Down
2m 45s tv-pg
Brother Against Brother
3m 14s tv-pg
Battery Charger
3m 0s tv-pg
Overstayed His Welcome
4m 40s tv-pg
3m 36s tv-pg
Probable Cause
4m 44s tv-pg
Kicked in a Window
2m 39s tv-pg
Street Fighting
3m 14s tv-pg
Park Narc
3m 13s tv-pg
Cuts Like A Knife
2m 54s tv-pg
Goody Bag
3m 3s tv-pg
Fixed The Ice Machine
3m 1s tv-pg
$80,000 Warrant
3m 21s tv-pg
Color Me Red
2m 23s tv-pg

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