Tag: sexual abuse

How Atlanta Investigators Solved the Cold Case Murder of 14-Year-Old Nacole Smith
Child Sexual Abuse in the Amish Community: A Hidden Epidemic
How Lawrence V. Ray Was Able to Form a Sex Cult at Sarah Lawrence College
How Faye Yager Operated Her 'Children of the Underground' Network
How Did Ghislaine Maxwell Manipulate Her Victims?
What Rights Do You Have as a Victim of a Violent Crime?
The McMartin Preschool Case: Satanic Panic and Child Sexual Abuse Allegations
Why Did It Take So Long for R. Kelly to Be Held Accountable for Sex Crimes?
Warren Jeffs Today: How the Polygamist Leads His Fundamentalist Mormon Sect from Prison
When People with Disabilities Are Abused by Their Caregivers and No One Is Around to Help

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