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FBI Profiler John Douglas on the Racist Rampage of Joseph Paul Franklin
Aileen Wuornos: Did America's First Female Serial Killer Act in Self-Defense?
Surviving a Serial Killer—and What Comes Afterward
Copycat Killers: What Moves a Violent Offender to Emulate Another?
Predicting a Serial Killer: Is the Macdonald Triad Fact or Myth?
John Wayne Gacy's Childhood: 'Killer Clown' Serial Killer Was Victim of Abuse
Jack Reeves and Other Men Who Have Killed Multiple Wives
The Ripper Crew: When a Brutal Gang Terrorized Chicago by Torturing and Killing Women in the 1980s
What Kinds of Crimes End Up on the Big Screen?
'Grindr Killer' Stephen Port Hid in Plain Sight for Years
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