Tag: serial killers

Guns, Knives, Hands: Why Killers Choose Specific Murder Methods
Who Were the 'Grim Sleeper' Killer's Victims? And Did He Ever Suspend His Murder Spree?
Lollie Winans and Julie Williams: Couple's Murder at Shenandoah Remains Unsolved
Vanessa Bennett on What It's Like to Be the Lone Survivor When Your Family Is Murdered
A Celebrated DNA Sleuth Looks to Vanquish the Demons Closer to Home
Did Anyone Survive the Green River Killer?
The Two Montana Murders That Started the FBI's Work in 'Criminal Profiling'
Ann Wolbert Burgess on Learning from Serial Killers While Working With 'Mindhunters'
Murderer Sheila LaBarre Claimed God Made Her an 'Avenging Angel'
Exploring the Mind of BTK: Dr. Katherine Ramsland on the Benefits of Getting to Know Dennis Rader

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