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John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer and Others: Ranking Serial Killers on a Scale of Evil
How and Why Serial Killers Remember Details About Their Victims
Ted Bundy's Many Faces: How the Serial Killer Was Able to Change His Appearance So Easily
BTK's Daughter Kerri Rawson: 'We're All Trauma Victims'
How Richard Ramirez's Decaying, Gross Teeth Helped Catch and Convict the Serial Killer
Ronald Glenn West: Where Is the Canadian Serial Killer Cop Now?
What Was Ted Bundy's Execution Like?
The 5 Most Bizarre Moments of Ted Bundy's Murder Trials
Jeffrey Dahmer's Childhood: A Pail of Animal Bones Was His Toy Rattle
5 Cold Cases That Had Big Breaks in 2018
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