Tag: serial killers

Who Were the 1870s Serial Killing 'Family' Known as the 'Bloody Benders'?
Who Was Timothy 'Tim' McCoy, John Wayne Gacy's First Known Victim?
Who Were the Victims of Derrick Todd Lee, the Baton Rouge Serial Killer?
Are Female Serial Killers 'Just as Deadly' as Male Serial Killers?
What Was John Wayne Gacy's Murder Trial Like?
Charles Cullen, Niels Högel and Others: Inside the Minds of Serial Killers Who Worked in Health Care
Connecting With Jeffrey Dahmer: The Detective Who Grilled the Serial Killer Had Mixed Emotions
Serial Killer Carlton Gary Terrorized Columbus, Georgia by Strangling Women With Stockings
Why Did It Take 11 Victims to Catch Serial Killer Henry Louis Wallace?
Ed Kemper Was Released From a Forensic Hospital After Killing His Grandparents and Went on to Murder 8 More People

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