Tag: Real Crime videos

Phenotyping: How a DNA 'Snapshot' Can Create the Face of an Unknown Criminal   
A Surveillance Expert on Planting Bugs in Carpets, Cats and Cockroaches to Nab Suspects
My Firefighter Father John Orr Got Sexual Thrills from His Murderous Arson
Double Trouble: Twins Who Have Committed Murders and Other Crimes
What Makes Criminals Blab About Their Crimes?
How Animal DNA Puts Killers Behind Bars
How Law Enforcement Is Using Drones to Aid in Search and Rescues
How a Forensic Botanist Helps Crime-Scene Investigators Decode Nature's Clues
If Google Can Have Your Data, Can Police Investigating Crimes Have It Too?
How Is Time of Death Determined for a Crime-Scene Victim? Hint: It Usually Involves Bugs

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