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The Kidnapping and Torture of Mary Stauffer
How Two Detectives Tracked Down a Serial Rapist—After Police Didn't Believe His First Victim
What's Jaycee Dugard's Life Like Today, 10 Years After She was Found Alive?
David Carpenter: The Serial Killer Who Made California Parks His Human Hunting Ground
Jan Broberg Opens Up About Aliens, Brainwashing and the Sexual Manipulation of Her Parents
What Happened to the Central Park Five?
Why Did the 'Nirbhaya' Delhi Gang Rape Case Stun the World?
John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer and Others: Ranking Serial Killers on a Scale of Evil
Why Are So Many Indigenous Women in Alaska Coming Up Missing and Murdered?
How Richard Ramirez's Decaying, Gross Teeth Helped Catch and Convict the Serial Killer
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