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Gary Heidnik's Unspeakable Crimes: An Interview with the Serial Killer's Attorney
Did Roger Coleman Really Believe He was Innocent of Murder?
Colleen Stan Was Kidnapped and Kept in a Box for 7 Years
The Ripper Crew: When a Brutal Gang Terrorized Chicago by Torturing and Killing Women in the 1980s
Why Candra Torres Lied to Protect Her Husband's Murderer
How a Woman Tried to Find Her Abuser—While Still Protecting Herself from Him
'Grindr Killer' Stephen Port Hid in Plain Sight for Years
The Father Who Locked His Daughter in His Basement for 24 Years
How Do Sex Traffickers Entrap American Youth?   
How Did USA Gymnastics Doctor Larry Nassar Get Away with So Much Sexual Abuse?
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