Tag: prison

Why Female Prison Workers Are Targeted by Inmates Looking to Escape
'Son of Sam' David Berkowitz's Life in Prison and Chances for Parole
How the Murders of Two Correctional Officers Led to the Creation of the Only 'Supermax' Prison in the U.S.
Are Violent Juveniles Doomed to Become Violent Adults?
Warren Jeffs Today: How the Polygamist Leads His Fundamentalist Mormon Sect from Prison
Jeffrey Dahmer and Other Serial Killers Who Were Murdered in Prison
Where Is Joyce Mitchell Now? The Former Dannemora Prison Worker Had Helped Two Killers Escape
The Ripper Crew: When a Brutal Gang Terrorized Chicago by Torturing and Killing Women in the 1980s
The Gruesome Murders at Alcatraz
Who Were Charles Manson's 'Lost Girls'?

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