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Live PD Officers Juan Mercado and John Oliva on Their Proudest Moments on the Job
Deputy Sheriff Danny Brown: Connecting With Community Members—and Other 'Live PD' Cops
From Police Work to Daddy Time: An Interview with Sgt. John Curley of 'Live PD'
'Live PD' Dream Team: Cpl James Craigmyle and K-9 Lor
Citizen Detectives Uncover Crime Clues On Websleuths Online Forum
Body Cams in the Bathroom? Sgt. Sean 'Sticks' Larkin on the Advantages—and Limits—of Police Transparency
Live PD's Dep. Addy Perez on Transitioning from the Military to Law Enforcement
Working an Air-Crash Aftermath: D.C. Cop Recounts Recovery Efforts After the 1982 Air Florida Tragedy
Video: This Cop Used a Dummy as a Decoy to Catch a Killer
The Life of an Early 20th Century Policewoman: Solving Murders and Busting Prostitution Rings
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