Tag: poison

Death by Antifreeze: The Murder of Julie Jensen
What Forensic Evidence Is Available When Bodies Go Undiscovered For Years?
How Diane and Rachel Staudte Killed Their Family With Antifreeze
Guns, Knives, Hands: Why Killers Choose Specific Murder Methods
Toxic Endings: When Poison is the Murder Weapon
The Haunting Legacy of Ronald Clark O'Bryan, the Man Who Killed Halloween
'The Iceman': An Undercover Agent Reflects on Taking Down Notorious Hitman Richard Kuklinski
Stacey Castor and Other Women Who've Gone to Great Lengths to Kill Their Husbands
How Did Jim Jones Really Die? Over 40 Years After Jonestown Massacre, Unanswered Questions Linger
Chloroform: How the 'Knockout Drug' Has Been Used to Murder Over the Last 30 Years

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