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Lindsay Haugen of 'I Am a Killer' on Murdering 'For Love,' But Also Because She Wanted to Kill Someone With Her Bare Hands   
How Did Gangster Whitey Bulger Die?
The Woman Who Tried to Kill for the Hillside Strangler
What Drives Some People to Kidnap Children?
Jimmy Hoffa: The Most Credible and Most Outlandish Theories About His Death
Forensic Psychologist Revisits the Killers He Can't Forget, and Lays Out Rules for Staying Safe
What Are Some of the Oldest Cold Cases That Have Recently Been Cracked Open?
Robert Chambers: The Murder of Jennifer Levin and Where 'The Preppy Killer' Is Now
Is There a Minimum Age for Being a Murderer?
How Were Amber Alerts Created? The Amber Hagerman Cold Case
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