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Who Is the Long Island Serial Killer? And Is He Still at Large?
Israel Keyes: 'The Most Diabolical' Serial Killer You May Not Have Heard Of, Who Has Stumped the FBI
The Burger Chef Cold Case: Four Murders Still Unsolved Over 40 Years Later
What Was Charles Manson's Life Like Before He Formed 'The Family' Cult?
David Berkowitz Confessed to Being the 'Son of Sam.' But Did He Really Act Alone?
Manson Family Murder Trial: The 6 Most Bizarre Moments
AJ Freund: Why Some Parents Torture and Murder Their Children
Ted Bundy, Babysitter
The Murder of Travis Alexander and What Killer Jodi Arias's Life is Like Behind Bars
The Murder of Helen Potts: How Carlyle Harris, a Wealthy Med Student, Poisoned His Secret Wife
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