Tag: mafia

The Role of Italian Mafia Women and How They Rose to Power
How Mobster Whitey Bulger Evaded Law Enforcement for So Long
What's It Really Like in the Federal Witness Protection Program?
'The Iceman': An Undercover Agent Reflects on Taking Down Notorious Hitman Richard Kuklinski
Horrible Ways People Have Used Animals to Commit Murders
How Did Gangster Whitey Bulger Die?
Jimmy Hoffa: The Most Credible and Most Outlandish Theories About His Death
The 'Kayak Killer' and Other Criminals Who Capitalized on Their Crimes
How Mob 'Contractor' Gianni Russo Was Almost Killed by Pablo Escobar, But Saved by His Role in 'The Godfather'
Lufthansa Heist Murders: How Paranoia and Greed Led to the Deaths of 6 Mobsters and Associates

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